4 Reasons You Definitely Need a Prenup

Back before he was at the center of a political controversy, Kanye West wisely advised guys to say "We want prenup!" when marrying a woman in the song, "Gold Digger." Honestly, it’s really not that bad advice—even if you’re not really dating anyone who has a serious financial disparity from you.

Though it’s not very romantic to think about, having a prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is almost always a wise choice. Marriage is, after all, a business contract. If you are struggling with trying to broach the subject with your spouse-to-be, remember these four good reasons to get a prenup before you walk down the aisle.

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1. It’s a good paper to have in the event that things don’t work out.

No one goes into a marriage thinking that it won’t work. However, that doesn’t stop half of all marriages ending in divorce. You may love your partner a lot right now, but sometimes, all the love in the world can’t make things work.

A good way to think about this is that it’s protecting BOTH members of the relationship if things go awry—and doing it preemptively. After all, with prenups, you both have to agree on the terms together.

2. A prenup forces you to have a lot of frank discussions with your partner about marriage expectations.

Every contract will have dealbreakers, and marriage contracts are no different in this sense. When drafting a prenup, you will be asked by your attorney to discuss grounds for divorce—including cheating, sexless marriage, abuse, and more. A good prenup will also face how you would react to each one on a legal ground.

Prenups can also have clauses outlining your expectations for other things, including inheritances and job losses. By explaining your expectations to each other, you avoid ugly surprises later on.

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3. You should get a prenup if you have children from a prior marriage.

You would be shocked at how many remarried parents end up neglecting kids from a previous marriage—and how many kids are shocked to find out they’re totally cut from their parents’ wills after a new marriage.

Remarriages that leave kids high and dry happen quite a lot. This is actually the reason why the "Wicked Step-Parent" trope is so old; it’s been happening for hundreds of years. Cinderella was initially a cautionary tale for this reason, too.

As a parent, you need to protect ALL of your kids—not just the new ones that you’ll have. You need a prenup to make sure that your kids get their fair share of monetary support or other financial assets, period.

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4.Prenups also help prevent spouses from feeling (or being) taken advantage of.

We’ve all met people who have married someone that took them for everything they had—emotionally or financially. It’s not pretty and it’s something everyone fears when they marry.

If you’re marrying into wealth, or if your partner is marrying into your wealth, a prenuptial agreement is an easy way to show that you’re not with them for the money. It’s a sign that you’re marrying in good faith.


You really have no reason to avoid getting a prenup. It’s a smart money move, a wise relationship move, and also shows that both partners are acting in good faith. So, why not?

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