5 Things That Can Change How Much You Earn

It’s no secret that people who earn a lot of money seem to live a charmed life to the casual viewer. They have more friends, they do a lot more around town, their bills are paid, but is it that effortless? For many of them, it’s a mixed bag.

Many different factors can change how much you earn. Here are some of the most shocking ones you might not realize make an impact on your paycheck…

Your Marital Status

Strange as it may seem, your marital status tends to be one of the most common factors to determine how much you make—or if you’re even hired. Men abd women who are married, statistically, earn more than their single counterparts.
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This is true, even if the job roles are the same.

Your Weight

It’s sad but true. Though your weight shouldn’t matter when it comes to your job, it still does. Studies have shown that people who are thin to average weight earn more than those who are overweight.
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This is doubly true with women. One study showed that women who are as little as 13 pounds overweight lose around $9,000 in their paycheck.

A large part of this is because people tend to see thinner people as having more self-control than heavier people. It’s awful, isn’t it?

Being Popular In High School

Maybe Revenge of the Nerds was wishful thinking. Some studies have linked social success in high school with a better paycheck by the time you reach 30.

It’s easy to see how popularity could play a significant factor in this. Popularity suggests that you have sharper social skills, which often translates to better performance and management skills on the job.

Additionally, it’s possible that the people you networked within school could give you a leg up in the workplace. Who you know counts as much as what you know!

Your Looks

Weight aside, it’s clear that just having a good looking face can translate into a way better time while on the job. Regardless of what industry you’re in, studies have shown that attractive people earn more.
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This phenomenon is extremely well-documented, to the point that sociologists actually have a name for it. It’s called the "pretty premium."

Your Height

This is one of the most surprising factors that can influence how much you earn. People who are taller, particularly if they are men, tend to get promoted to leadership positions and are also paid more.
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Apparently, being tall tends to make people listen to you more. When people listen to you more, you have a "natural leader" quality. It makes sense; they can’t help but look up to you!

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