Stock apps are good for trading because they are easy to use
Using stock apps to trade is easy

The time is long gone when you needed to call a broker to buy or sell stocks at a fee. You can still use your phone to trade stocks but you no longer require to pay an intermediary to purchase or sell the stocks on your behalf. The stock market industry is cut-throat and companies have had to slash most fees to gain a competitive advantage.

Investing in stocks has been made easier thanks to an increase in the popularity of stock trading apps that appeals to the Millenials. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there has been an emergence of apps that show you the best investments and you earn a passive income.

As more and more people turn to stock trading apps, the companies are forced to offer a friendly interface and extras features that benefit the investors.

Companies continue to rely more and more on Artificial Intelligence to help them reduce the risk of loss and increase their earning potential.

Some of the things that investors can access using stock trading apps include placing orders, alerts, and tracking trends. Investors also have access to real-time data which enables them to make the best decisions at that time.

Here are the best stock app

In this review, we’ll look at the features, how user-friendly the apps are, and the technology. Here are some of the best stock app

1. TD Ameritrade – Best stock app Overall

This is the best overall stock trading app. It’s one of the largest trading companies in America and offers several apps to suit your different needs. What’s more, you can download the app on different operating systems such as on Windows phone, Android, and Ios.

TD Ameritrade is suitable for those who want to earn a passive income as well as beginners. There are a lot of customizable features. You have access to such features as advice, funds transfer, alerts, and analysis. The app is recommended for experienced investors because of the analysis tools it provides such as charts and graphs to help them make the best decision

2. Robinhood – Best Free stock app

The company had investor’s best interest when they launched the app before their website. This stock app offers free stock trades and works seamlessly. While it doesn’t offer 360-degree access to full investments like mutual funds, it’s suitable for stocks, Bitcoin and ETFs.

The primary focus of the app is keeping track of stocks. Trading is also simple. All you have to do is search for stocks, press presto, and you’re done. The app has an option for upgrading your membership which extends the number of hours you trade and gives you access to margin trading. The app is preferred by professional investors because of how simple it is to use

3. Acorn – best app for beginners

The app is suitable for investors who are just starting and don’t know where to start. After linking your bank account, the stock app tracks your spending and rounds it to the nearest dollar. These amounts are then invested automatically. There’s also an option to transfer your funds to the app manually.

During registering, investors fill a questionnaire which is then used to build a portfolio of stock and bond investments

4. Stash – Best for learning

Some stock app allows one to learn stock trading while making investments
Stock app allows beginners to learn how to trade stocks

The app is suitable for new investors who want to learn the basics of trading but make the decisions themselves. You can invest as slow as $5 and helps you learn as you go.

The apps have extra features such as tips and advice that increases your knowledge every time you log in to the account. You can invest in stocks and ETFs.

5. Stockpile – best stock app for kids

The app allows you to invest in stocks but also lets you buy partial shares in large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway without having to invest large sums of money in a single investment.

The app is great for families because it allows a person to buy and gift shares which means the whole family including children learn how to invest from a young age

6. E*Trade – Best big Firm

The company was invested in Silicon Valley and was one of the first mobile trading apps. The company has been in existence for a long time and was used during the infancy years of the internet. The app allows investors to trade stocks and ETFs. Investors can also access advanced trading options.Charles

8. Schwab – best app for banking

Schwab stock app is suitable for investing on the ego
stock app allows for investing on the go

The app allows you to keep track of your bank accounts and stock from one access point. It’s preferred by people who are always on the move because they can use the company’s ATM card without being charged.

You can pay for utility bills from the app by using the Schwab Bank Bill Pay. You can also use your Apple, Android, and Kindle devices to keep track of your investment.

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