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Advance Auto Parts and Auto zone make a difference as a retailer of aftermarket automotive parts. These two companies are considered the largest American retailers in the US. You’ll know why we picked this company to discuss.

As a car owner, this is high time to get serious about buying parts and services from retailers. Just wondering, you don’t have any better place to find parts and services for your car.

Feel the situation, how badly you are seeking a solution. Among different companies these two are mentionable. That’s why we’ve come to show you a path where you can get the best parts and services.

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What Are Automotive Aftermarket Parts Providers?

Automotive aftermarket providers are treated as secondary market suppliers of automotive parts. They are related to selling parts and offering different types of services to the vehicle owner. In the USA there are many of them. But Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone hold the top place.

What Is The Best Part of Advance Auto Parts?

This retailer of aftermarket automotive parts is best in many cases. From parts to services, they put a mark of professionalism. That’s how they earned respect from customers. Let’s discuss some of it.

Advance Auto Parts shop
Picture: Advance Auto Parts shop

Pricing and Inventory

When you visit their website, you’ll find an option to add vehicles. Such options are good to find specific parts for a specific vehicle. Just mention vehicle type (motorcycle, truck, car).

To be more specific, it will ask for more information like year, make, model and engine. Now search, see if parts are available in their store or not.

After confirming your order, their store pickup will get the parts and help you to get them. In the US, they offer free shipping but you must order over $25 to avail of this facility.

AAP has an official mobile app
Picture: AAP has an official mobile app

Price Matching and Savings

As a potential customer, you can easily match the price, and AAP lets you do that. The product must be identical and in stock from the competitor. The bad side is, they cannot match online competitors.

If you are sure the competitor is giving the low price, then you need to show the proof. The price should be ready for approval.

The team of the AAP will approve the lower price. Not only that, they offer different savings options like coupons and exclusive savings for its members.

Servicing Centre

As same as AutoZone, this one also doesn’t have any repair shops. They only come with a few services like battery testing, battery installation, engine checking, light scanning, alternator testing, loaner tools, oil recycling, battery recycling, wiper blade installation, and starter testing.

Most of these services are free of charge. If you need to find a local shop to repair, you can visit their website and use the mechanic locator tool. For specific servicing of your car, it’s easy to find the exact local mechanic who does such repairs or servicing.

Customer Satisfaction and Ratings

This company has an A+ rating. Despite having some negative customer reviews, they are continuing their activities with professionalism. As a result, they can respond if there is any issue about parts or services.

About AutoZone:

For many things, AutoZone is the best in the automotive sector. We picked a few of them to discuss to get a clear idea about their service.

Picture: AutoZone

Pricing and Inventory

AutoZone offers a searching facility for specific parts of a vehicle. They’ve launched a website where everyone can check for the availability of the parts. If the part is available, then it will show the nearest AutoZone where you can find this part.

This is the coolest part to check the inventory.  If you shop online, then AutoZone offers free shipping. To get such a facility, one must order at least $25. But the best thing is, this company offers free next-day delivery for some parts.

Price Matching and Savings

Price matching is not possible for anyone if you want to match online pricing. For that, a physical store is the only way to do that. But there is one condition to do that. You must have proof of the competitor’s price. So, it’s easy to save your money by comparing the price and saving money.

Service Centre

AutoZone has some limitations to provide services. For example, they don’t have any repair shops. That means you can’t repair any parts of your vehicle here. But they do things like replacing parts, changing oil, etc.

As an alternative, they have a shop referral program. That means you can get a guideline to find local mechanics easily.

In another point of view, such a referral program is good because individual repair shops offer their warranty and protection. To find such local mechanics use AutoZone’s “Find a Repair Shop” tool.

Picture: AutoZone lets the match the price

Customer satisfaction and Satisfactions

Customers of AutoZone give mixed reviews for their services. But they’ve got an A+ rating from the BBB. Some customers complain about their services and parts as well. We found 25 of them. The good news is, most of the complaints are solved by AutoZone within a short time.

Comparison Table

There are lots of differences and similarities between these two companies. We just discussed a few of them. But for a better understanding, you might need to look at most of the services and facilities of these two companies. That’s why we made a comparison table for you and here it is.

ParticularsAdvance Auto PartsAutoZone
InventoryConsistent across most stores, and you can choose in-store pick-upConsistent across most stores, and you can choose in-store pick-up
Price MatchingIn-store with proof of competitor’s priceIn-store with proof of competitor’s price
ServiceNo repair shops. It only offers battery testing and installation, check engine light scanning, wiper blade installation, etc.No repair shops, it only comes with  a Shop Referral Program; typically replaces brake lights and installs batteries
Ways to SaveCoupons and savings for membersDeals and savings, in-store rebates
BBB RatingA+A+

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The Bottom Line

This is the time to decide which company is best for auto parts and services. After a brief discussion, we found both Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone are the best in their service. In a few cases, AutoZone is better than Advance Auto Parts.

The truth is most service of Advance Auto Parts is best and doing best in recent times. Despite few distinct differences, it’s hard to choose the best one.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours and from where you want to buy your auto parts. It depends on your preference, required service, availability, and many more.

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