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The majority of People Want a community bank like the Bank of Stockton for flexible financial services. This bank is super convenient in every way. Yes, it provides a variety of financial products and services that are helpful to connect with people.

As one of the best financial solutions, this bank offers contemporary services including savings accounts, checking accounts, deposits, and many more.

A client doesn’t need to make a schedule for getting specific services from this financial institution. They are always waiting for you and ready to serve to meet your financial goal at the minimum time. 

Without discussing it in detail about it, you can get the actual view of this bank. Let me clear everything for you.

Bank of Stockton
Picture: Bank of Stockton

What is the Bank of Stockton?

Most of the community banks are recognized by the people for better service. In this list, you’ll find the Bank of Stockton as well. This nation’s leading independent community bank was established in 1867.

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Now they are known for different but effective specialized services like money market accounts, CDs, IRAs, mortgage products, and many more. They ensure safety for transactions and offer personalized banking services as well.

The good news is, this 150+-year-old local bank knows what the community needs from their end. They have enough branches to keep all the customers in touch.

Even they are using technology to keep all the information up to date to their client. Yes, their mobile and online banking make banking super easy.

Picture: It’s easy to access accounts with s few clicks
Picture: It’s easy to access accounts with s few clicks

Overview of Bank of Stockton:

A bank is not only related to the service and product they offer for their clients. There are more things related to it. Their financial strength, weaknesses also influence overall activity. So, check out all the key information about this bank.

IndustriesFinancial Services
FoundedJan 1, 1867
HeadquartersWest Coast
RegionsThe western US
Operating StatusActive
Company typeFor-Profit
FDIC InsuredYes
FDIC Certificate1536
Assets$4.33 billion
Loans$1777, 39 million
Deposits$ 3.53 billion
Capital$646.78 million

What are the Positive and Negative sides of this Bank?

This bank may offer you better services but they can still improve in a few sectors. Here are some pros and cons of this bank are given below.


  • Wide variety of account choices
  • All-day customer service


  • Less competitive interest rate                   

What Types of Products does this Bank offer for the People?

To ensure a variety of financial services, a community bank must increase its product line. Bank of Stockton knows which types of products and services the community needs right now. We’ve mentioned all the products and services below this bank offer for everyone.

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Personal Banking:

  • Checking Plans
  • Savings Plan
  • Home Loans
  • Home Equity
  • Home Refinancing
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Indirect Dealer Request

Small Business:

  • Business Checking Plans
  • Business Savings Plans
  • Tailored Lending Services
  • Online Cash Management
  • Executive and Employee Packages
  • Other Business Services
  • Protecting Your Company Online
  • Small Business Bankers

Commercial Banking:

  • Business Checking Plans
  • Business Savings Plans
  • Tailored Lending Services
  • Online Cash Management
  • Merchant Services
  • Remote Deposit
  • Executive and Employee Packages
  • Other Business Services
  • Protecting Your Company Online
  • Commercial Business Bankers

Wealth Management:

  • Investment Management
  • Corporate Trustee
  • Estate Planning
  • Executor/ CO-Executor
  • Estate Settlement
  • Custody
  • Agent for Trustee
  • Retirement Plans
  • IRAs


  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Internet Banking
  • Bill Pay
  • Zelle
  • Electronic Statements
  • Check Images
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Access 24
  • Debit Card
  • Card Valet
  • Reorder Checks

Is the Rate of Their Product and Service Fair?

A product will be best for the client when they get the highest rate of return and minimum amount of charges. But what types of rate does this bank impose for their product? We’ll know soon after reviewing their chart for the rate.

ProductCurrent Terms and RatesMinimum Balances for APY
Savings Accounts Compare Offers0.10% APY$100
Certificates of Deposit Compare Offers12 Months: 0.40% APY24 Months: 0.60% APY36 Months: 0.95% APY48 Months: 1.20% APY60 Months: 1.50% APY$2,500 for all tiers
Money Market Accounts Compare Offers10K tier: 0.15% APY25K tier: 0.20% APY$10,000$25,000
Checking Accounts Compare Offers0.10% APY$100

Now, you can see all the rates of their popular financial product and service. They have different rates for their savings, checking, money market accounts, and CDs.

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If you compare their rates with the national average then you’ll find their rates are lower than you need for better money management.

You just need to calculate which product you need and which one can help you to achieve higher returns. Let’s compare their rates with others.

Notable RatesAPYVs. Others
1-year CD0.40%0.85%
2-Year CD0.60%0.80%
5-Year CD0.60%1.30%
30-Year MortgageN/A2.72%
15-Year MortgageN/A2.36%
National Average vs. Bank of Stockton
Picture: National Average vs. Bank of Stockton

What is the Time A Client Gets Their Services?

A community bank follows the rule for operating time as other community banks follow. They may have 24 x 7 customer service virtually but physically, you’ll get them for only 6 days a week. Here is the list of their opening and closing time.

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday9.00 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday9.00 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday9.00 AM5:00 PM
Thursday9.00 AM5:00 PM
Friday9.00 AM5:00 PM
Picture: Mobile App
Picture: Mobile App


Bank of Stockton got our top priority only for customer satisfaction. They are unique in this case. They ensure the best performance and services to their clients individually.

Even their management team is highly focused on customer satisfaction. It’s not easy to get personalized service from a bank but this one also ensures such a facility.

What more do you need for a better banking experience? You just need to identify your actual need to use a financial product according to the financial goal that you want to achieve. That’s all, this bank needs from you.

From cash management to loans, everything will be easy for you once you open an account in this bank.

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