Undoubtedly, the Bank of Utah is the best one-stop financial institution. This bank shows how to make the loan process easier for the consumer. It’s the perfect place to feel comfortable about the loan.

When you are having a hard time but need loans for financial support, then your search for the ultimate source is over. We’ve come with more details about this bank and its services.

Here we include its latest financial product and loan that can be easy to get with no credit history. That means you need to know more to get qualified for conventional financing.

 Bank of Utah
Picture: Bank of Utah

What Is the Bank of Utah?

Bank of Utah is a community bank that comes with general banking activities including personal and business banking, home lending, wealth management, and corporate trust services. Its corporate headquarter is situated in Ogden, Utah.

In 18 different locations, it spread its service. The good news is, it’s a part of the Utah Bankers Association (UBA), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and American Bankers Association (ABA)

Branch of Bank of Utah
Picture: Branch of Bank of Utah

Services Offered By Bank of Utah:

This bank is good for offering different and general banking services. Details about all these financial services are given below.

Personal Checking & Savings Accounts:
Bank offers different services
Picture: Bank offers different services

To manage money, you just need a personal banking solution and this bank comes with such an offer. It opens the way to manage money perfectly. Not only that, such an option is also best to get services as well as support.

This service comes with a package that is a result of a combination of other branches. That means you can get flexibility for personal checking as well as monitoring accounts in a convenient way. It also allows online and mobile banking.

Anyone can get friendly guidance from their knowledgeable bankers that also help to build their financial future.  You can use its investment and saving calculator along with specialized software.

Not only that, it’s fully secured and safe. Under this section, there are four types of services you can get and these are.

  • EZ Checking
  • Hybrid Account
  • iSave
  • Certificates of Deposit (CD)
Business and Commercial Loans:

There is a diverse range of loans (long-term loans and short-term loans) to meet your needs as your business structure. It’s true, every business runs under distinct and different criteria. So, it’s an emergency to get a solution for funding. Here are some options for business and commercial loans.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan (Including acquisition and development loans, construction, bridge, and long term loans)
  • Business Line of Credit (perfect for fill up the cash flow gap like support accounts receivable, purchase new equipment, pay bills, replenish inventory, increase cash flow)
  • Equipment Loans (Money for repair, replacement expenses)
Home Loan:

Refinancing your current home or getting a dream home is possible from a home loan offered by the Bank of Utah.

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Personal and Business investments:

A savvy financial strategy is the best way to make your family’s financial future secure. With the right management strategy for your wealth, this bank comes as a guardian.

Its financial advisor knows what you need and how to make a way to achieve your goal. It offers two different services under personal and business investment and these are.

  • Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (provide tax-deferred profits along with asset protection and planning)
  • Bank of Utah Investment Advisors (Financial planning services for business owners and families)
Auto Loans:

For your dream car, an auto loan can be easy to get from this bank. With the lower interest rate and vehicle equity, it’s easy to get. Here is the chart for the loan rate below.

LoanRateAPRMax TermPayment
New or Used2.49%2.754%36 Months$724.32
New or Used2.74%2.942%48 Months$552.72
New or Used2.74%2.903%60 Months$448.14
New or Used – $15,000 and Over2.99%3.128%72 Months$381.27
New or Used – $25,000 and Over3.74%3.861%84 Months$340.12

How To Get A Loan With No Credit Score?

Credit score makes it an obstacle to get a mortgage. But it is possible to get this opportunity without a credit score. There are few criteria available where it’s easy to be eligible for a home loan. But you must find the right lenders.

Remember, a lender has many options to check and verify your credit worthiness. Most of the time banks don’t offer such an opportunity for you. They hardly help people who are undocumented with a credit score.

In this case, non-traditional lenders are the only hope. Some of them somehow manage to help you as well as your credit.

About Credit Scores:

The credit score is related to your credit report that is generated based on your credit activity. Credit reporting companies record every history for your payment that was made on a home or credit card. Its combined output is called a credit report. There are a few things included here and these are.

  • General loan or credit (for business or individual)
  • Transparency of paying the installment and the time of payment as well as the paid amount.
  • Late or missed payment history
  • The total amount of the loan and credit limits.
 Credit score used for rating
Picture: Credit score used for rating

Few things make the credit score different from a credit report. It is made based on the ability to pay bills based on the formula. If the number of your credit score is higher that means you’re in a good position. More numbers mean more opportunity. For better understanding, take a quick look at the following credit score range

Credit Score RangeQuality Rating% of people
740-799Very Good25%
300-579Very Poor16%

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In our final discussion, we found that a loan is not a complicated financial product to get. But most of the time, credit scores make it an obstacle to getting it.

Its true financial institution like Bank of Utah offers different financial products but they are not liberal for most of their products. But the credit score is not such a problem because there are different ways available to get a loan.

Just need to pick the right option where you can qualify for a loan without a down payment. It’s time to move forward if you failed to get a loan from one option.

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