Choosing the best state to retire may be a daunting task. That's why we've reviewed the best
Here's a list of the best state to retire

Are you thinking of how you’ll conduct your life after retirement?

Assuredly, the place you retire on could affect your finances and lifestyle drastically. That explains how important it’s to choose among the best states to retire when that happy time comes.

That said, it’s worth noting that things change every year. So, knowing the things that retirees face in various estates can help you to arrive at the best decision.

How to pick the Best state to Retire

What do you think determines an excellent place to retire? This question can be answered differently based on people’s statuses. After all, you’ll get some factors.

Here are some factors:

Healthcare conditions

Before making the final decision of the best state to retire, look at the healthcare amenities
Before choosing the best state to retire, look at the health amenties available

Your health is your wealth- that’s doubtless. You must consider health resources that can take excellent care of life expectancy of above 65 years. Are there enough nursing homes? And if they are there, are they affordable?

In other words, you should always consider the availability, effectiveness, and affordability of healthcare in the state you wish to live after retirement.

Personal security

Safety is another vital factor that should never be overlooked. Some states have a high crime rate. You can be injured, or your properties canbe stolen.

Therefore, choose the best state that won’t risk your physical safety as well as your possessions due to crime.

Weather conditions

Different states experience different weather conditions. With that, it’s a good idea to choose a state where you are comfortable and consistent.

Another thing, precipitation varies in different states. Some states experience heavy rains and snow, while others are prone to droughts. Where do you fit? Go there.

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Local economy

There are some cheapest places to live in the US while there are other expensive states. Tax and cost of living determine the economy. Some states experience a lower tax rate and lower cost of living, while others are unaffordable.

Consider affordability and economic strength in the state you wish to retire.

Popularity with older residents

Your preffered state to retire should have other retirees
Before choosing your best state ti retire look at its popularity with other retirees

It’s a great idea to move to a state where many older retirees live. In that way, you’ll have an age bracket to share and connect well.

10 Best states to retire  in the US

Based on a report from, here are the ten best states that you can choose from.

1.   Nebraska

Nebraska is one of the affordable states to live after retirement. When it comes to wellness, it performs quite well- there are lots of places offering health care for the elderly and taking care of people with disabilities.

2.   Iowa

If you’re retiring looking for a high-quality yet inexpensive lifestyle, then Iowa is waiting for you. It offers you quality life, excellent health care, and relatively affordable. However, the high temperatures here don’tfavor everybody. Can you imagine of 47degrees?

3.   Missouri

Missouri won’t disappoint you with a high cost of living because it has a great economy. With close-to-average precipitation accompanied by reasonably moderate temperatures, you’ll enjoy a relaxed environment. The only concern with Missouri is the crime rate. It’s among the states that have recorded violent crime rates.

4.   South Dakota

South Dakota lies under one of the tax-friendly states for retirees. It doesn’t tax your income, pension income, social security benefit, IRA, and 401(k). Moreover, this statedoesn’t impose state or inheritance fees.

5.   Florida

Florida knows nothing to do with boredom. The sandy beaches, palm trees, sunshine, restaurants, among others, will amaze you. What else do you require after retirement? Here’s the best part: no taxes on your IRA, 401(k), and pension income. Are you worried about your Social Security Benefits? Expect a zero tax.

6.   Kentucky

Kentucky is another state that might come on your mind. You’ll enjoy a great life with no taxes on our IRA, pension income, social security benefits, and 401(k). The temperature here can be cold. Also, this city is safe with diverse cultures.

7.   Kansas

In these golden years, you should not gamble your finance. Kansas presentsa fantastic lifestyle at a lower cost- no astonishing taxes on your incomes. The temperatures here are fair, and the healthcare services are available and affordable.

8.   North Carolina

While in North Carolina, be sure you’ll save more dollars for playing blackjack and poker tables if you like such things. Assuredly, life here is affordable with fair weather (a bit cold). Healthcarehere ranks well.

9.   Montana

Do you want to experience an untamed, wild, and natural environment? Montana offers you spectacular places, people, and wild animals. Again, this is among the tax-smart states in the US. It’s secure and holds incredible healthcare.

10. Hawaii

Hawaii offers comfortable temperatures, although it experiences more rain and violent weather events as compared with other states. In Hawaii, expect lower tax rates and low unemployment. However, prepare for a higher cost of living.

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