choosing the best times to book flights can mean the difference between saving money or overpaying for your flight
choosing the best times to book flights translates in saving money

Booking a plane ticket is an expensive undertaking. With so many options available, you may find yourself at a crossroads on which resources to utilize. Luckily, we’ve put together top insider hacks on the best times to book flights.

Be Flexible When you Travel

Some of the best times to book flights are weeks before or after a holiday and in the middle of the week
Best times to book flights are on weekdays and before or after a holiday

Thanks to the internet, you can plan your trip to fall on the days that are cheapest to fly. Most people travel on weekends and so, it’s one of the most expensive times to fly. If you’re looking to make some savings, you should also avoid traveling days close to the holidays.

Early morning and late evenings are also suitable times to fly.  You can also land a cheap flight after a holiday because you’re likely to miss the holiday rush.

Be Flexible With Your Flight Route

Kayak is one of the popular sites that have a tool called Explore that enables users to book airports from their local airport to destinations all over the world. It allows you to filter the flights by month or season which makes it easy to plan in advance.

You can also use Google Flights which enables you to compare different prices flying from your local airport to your preferred destination for a set period.

Fly into a Secondary airport on a Budget Carrier

Before traveling, research about your destination and find out whether they have a secondary airport. Secondary airports are mostly served by budget airlines charge less because they are charged less landing fees.

However, it’s also important to understand the proximity of the airport to your final destination because you may end up paying more money on the ground than you did in the air.

Check out Alternative Routes

Consider flying different legs while traveling instead of booking one flight all the way. Find out as much information about the flights as possible and you may end up saving a lot of money while traveling.

Utilize Social Media

 Airlines use accounts such as Twitter to update their clients about changes in flight schedules or offers. Some of the companies that utilize Twitter to post good deals are among others, JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, and Wanderlisting.

Shop on Multiple Booking Websites

It helps to look around many websites to ensure you’re not overpaying for a flight that you could have received a good deal. Don’t just book the first flight you come across. Most websites may not list budget airlines and thus, you may end up missing an opportunity to book a cheap flight.

Book Directly With an Airline

You may find cheaper flights if you book directly from an Airline’s website especially from budget airlines which may not be listed anywhere else. Another advantage of booking a flight directly on an Airline’s website is that you’ll know the final price because there are no hidden fees.

Clear Cookies or Open an Incognito tab When Booking Your Flight

Airlines and travel agencies use your cookies to determine the kinds of flights you are looking for and they’ll hike the prices accordingly. You can prevent this from happening by opening an Incognito tab or clearing your cache memory.

Book Flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the some of the best times to book flights because airports are less busy
Best times to book flights include on Tuesday,Wednesday, and Saturday

These are the least busy days in Airports. The reason is this: Business travelers travel on Monday and Friday and leisure travelers do so on Friday and Sunday for long weekend trips. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are most times than not the less busy days and you may find cheap flights then.

Always Compare Prices on Momondo

It doesn’t matter the airline or company you use to book the flight, you should always check the price against what’s listed on Momondo to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. The site has lower OTAs which means, you can end up landing a cheap flight.

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Use the 24-Hour Rule to Land a Cheap Flight

Flight plans are like a roller coaster, they can go up and down in an instant. If you find a great deal, take it even if you’re not sure you’ll take the flight within 24 hours. The USDOT dictates that airlines should allow you to lock in a deal or offer cancellation within 24 hours after to book fyour flight

How to book your flight

Score a free tour or Hotel on Your Layover

A long layover doesn’t necessarily mean spending long hours laying on a couch in an airport while you wait for your next flight. Some flights offer free or lower cost tours to layover passengers. Some go the extra mile to offer free or discounted rooms for those staying overnight.

To enjoy some of these benefits, your layover needs to be at least 6 hours. If you take advantage of your layover, you’ll have a rare opportunity to explore the city you’re in at no extra cost.

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