There are a lot of places that cash checks. To ensure you make the best choice, we've reviewed some options
Here are a few of the best cash checking places

There has been a surge in cashless transactions over the years with companies such as PayPal, Payoneer, and Venmo being some of the most popular companies. However, many clients still pay for services and or goods by way of check. Until the world becomes entirely cashless, you’ll still need to cash your check. Here are a few cash checking places. You don’t need to own a bank account to cash your check.

1. Your Local Bank

Banks offer be cash checking places because they are available everywhere and they charge low fees
Your local bank is one of the best cash checking places because they charge low fees

This is one of the most convenient cash checking places because your money will be deposited into your account within a few days. Based on the bank, you can cash the check for free or you’ll be charged a small fee.

2. A local trade union is one of the best cash checking places

A trade union is another good place to cash your check, sometimes even better than your local bank because they charge lower fees and no minimum operating balance because they are non-profit organizations.

You can cash any type of check-in a trade union just like you’d do in a bank and what’s more, you’re likely to find a couple in your locality because they offer more locations than banks.

3. The issuing Bank

The information of the issuing bank can be retrieved from the check above the memo line left corner. You can then search for their contact information and call them to clarify any fees and find a local bank. The local bank will also verify if the said funds are available by checking the account of the person who issued you with the check.

Some banks contact the account holder to verify whether the check originated from them. Cashing a check at the issuing bank is the cheapest way to get your money because most banks have started charging a fee to cash checks if you don’t have an account with them.

Remember to carry your original I.D and a copy to verify the check is yours. You can also bring other government-issued documents such as Passport or driver’s license.

4. Best Cash Checking Places-Regions Banks

Regions are a convenient place to cash your check because they are present in most locations in the US. Based on the type of check you’re cashing you’ll be charged between 1%-5% of the value of the check.

One advantage of cashing with Regions bank is you don’t need a bank account to use their services. You may also benefit from the huge discounts they offer.

5. Local Retailers and Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are some of the best cash checking places because they are everywhere and you're likely to find one in your locality
Grocery stores are some of the best cash checking places because you don’t have to travel far

Grocery stores and retailers are everywhere including in your locality so you’ll not have to travel too far. Here are a few grocery stores where you can cash your check:

A. Walmart

This is one of the largest global stores. There are over 5,000 Walmart stores, 90% of Americans live 15 miles from a Walmart. The retail store charges $4 for any check under $10,000 and $8 for any amount above that, which is in line with what most banks charge.

Things to be Aware of While Checking at Walmart

  • They have started cashing personal check but they charge $6 and you cannot check an amount above $200. You may want to consider looking elsewhere for the same services.
  • There are strict limits to the amount of cash you can check. You can check any amount below $5,000 throughout the year. The limit is raised to $7500 during the tax period.

B. Kmart

If you’re a member of the retailer’s store “ Shop Your Way”, you’ll be able to cash payroll and government checks of up to $2000 and personal checks up to $500 for less than $1.

6. Gas Station Travel Centers

Gas stations used to be a convenient place to cash checks but most of them stopped offering the services due to the high risk of fraud involved. Once the check is cashed, the gas stations are not able to track down the person who completed the transaction.

Transact by 7- Eleven is a gas travel center that enables you to cash your check using their mobile app. The cash is then deposited to your 7-Eleven prepaid card which functions like a MasterCard. It takes 48 hours to get the cash into your card.

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Other gas station travel centers you can cash your check are Pilot Flying J and Travel Centers of America

7. Cash Your Check Using an app

Apps offer the convenience to cash your check whenever and wherever. PayPal is one company offering the service. Take a picture of the front and back of the check and upload it to the app. There’s a limit of $1,000 per day. PayPal charges 1% for government and payroll checks for government and payroll checks and 5% for all other checks with a minimum charge of $5 for all checks. The money will be deposited in your account within three days.

IngoMoney is super easy to cash your check. You can redeem the money via direct deposit, PayPal account, prepaid debit card, or Amazon gift card.

The company charges $5 for transactions of less than $100, transactions above that will set you back 5% of the value of the check. Government and Payroll checks will cost $5 for any amount less than $250, while any amount higher than that will see you charged 2% of the value of the check.

Here are 5 places That Cash Checks With Short Waiting lines

Tired of sitting in that waiting bench for hours waiting to cash your check? We’ve got you covered. This article points out the five best places that cash checks with short waiting lines.

It’s no secret: everyone hates to wait. And if you doubt it, you are here looking for places that cash checks with short waiting lines.

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And that’s our nature as humans. We want things done yesterday or now. That explains to why many people when they make a call count one to five. If the other person doesn’t answer, they end the call.

Lucky enough, below are the places where you can cash your cash without waiting for hours. Moreover, these places are convenient. Read on.

Grocery stores and local retailers

One of the convenient places of cash checking is at local retailers or grocery stores.

Grocery stores: All overthe US, you’ll find many grocery stores that offer cash check services. It doesn’t matter if you have a bank or not; you can do it.

However, if you don’t have a bank, you should have a Shopper card. Kroger and its affiliates will help you in cashing a check at a fee. Yes, for checks up to $5,000, you’ll be charged $5.50, while for checks up to $2,000 will cost you $3. Charges at H-E-B Grocer start as low as $3, but they vary based on the location.

Although H-E-B Grocer and Kroger don’t check personal checks, they excellently do insurance, cash payroll, and government checks. Other local or regional grocery stores can help you in cash-checking. You only need to visit their customer service for more inquiries.

Walmart: Walmart is the world’s largest retailer that not only offers products at competitive prices but also plays a dominant role in cash checking over the years. Cash-checking in their store is primarily meant to attract you to their store to purchase goods.

Walmart allows maximum cash checks of $5,000 but exempts two-party personal checks, which arelimited to $200.

It’s worth noting that Walmart charges $3 for checks below $1,000. However, some markets pay as low as $1. Any check above $1,000 up to $5,000 calls for a double fee ($6).

The store accepts tax, payroll, retirement reimbursement, government, insurance settlement, and cashier’s checks.  But, it doesn’t allow personal checks.

Kmart:this is another discount retailer that charges a lower cash-checking fee. The store allows government, payroll, tax, and even personal checks (the riskiest types of checks) at $1 charges.

However, in Rhode Island and Illinois, Kmart charges only 50 cents. Surprisingly, cashing a check in these eight states is free: Washington, Georgia, Nevada, Delaware, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Cash-checking using an App

Using an app to cash your check is convenient because you can do it on the move
Apps allow you to check cash on the go

Using Apps such as PayPal or IngoMoney offers one of the convenient places that cash checks faster.

Interestingly, PayPal can cash a check quickly by simply capturing a photo of the front and back part of your check and uploading it to the App. But the App limits you to cash a check of up to $1,000 per day.

PayPal charges a minimum fee of $5 per check. For payroll and government checks containing a predetermined signature, it costs a standard fee of 1%, while other checks will cost 5%.

On the other hand, IngoMoney offers its customers with a super-easy cashing a check online. You can redeem your money via PayPal account, direct deposit, Amazon gift card, prepaid debit card, or even pay bills online using it. The process takes seconds!

For handwritten personal checks, it’ll cost you $5 to cash balances of less than $100. Balance higher than $100 will cost you 5%. Contrary, pre-printed government and payroll checks requirea $5 fee for cash below $250 and 2% for checks above $250.

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Money Services

Need instant cash? Money Services will not fail you. It best suits people who can’t afford to wait on a waiting bench.

It’s highly convenient because many groceries outside your house have them- yes, you don’t have to worry about the distance. Amazingly, they offer service at pretty low rates and give out promotions that will help you to save.

Money Services allows you to cash payroll, government, business, Refund, Income Tax, and insurance settlement checks.

Local Banks

Your local bank can be the best among the other places that cash checks with a short waiting line.

To start with, banks don’t charge their customers for this service. You can deposit your money and withdraw it at your convenient time. You can cash a check worthy $200 if your account is unsuspicious. However, it can take some time for the check to clear, and again you don’t know if the check will bounce or not.

Local Credit Union

Here comes another excellent place for cashing a check. They can appear better than banks that charge a fee. Note that Credit Unions are non-profitable organizations, while banks are there to make profits. That explains the lower charges in the Credit Unions.

Another benefit for Credit Unions is that you don’t need a substantial minimum balance to cash. Also, they offer cash services to almost all the checks found on any local bank. Find out the ones in your area, and you may probably discover more of them.

Consider opting for a reliable place where you won’t incur huge charges while choosing between the best places that cash checks with short waiting lines. You can make cash-checking simple and easy- know where you want to go.

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