Easy Ways to Earn Money Doing Everyday Things

Want to find easy ways to earn money? While we often are told that there are no "easy money" solutions, the truth is a bit more different than you’d expect it to be. We live in a capitalistic society, and that means that you can make money in just about any way you would want. If you look had enough, you will find new ways to make money while you live your life.

Whether you want to boost your savings account or just make a litte extra for your vacation, these easy ways to earn money will help you add a little more money to your wallet every day.

1. Recycle used cans and electronics.

Believe it or not, you might be able to earn money by collecting cans and returning them to recycling plants for a little extra money. If you drink a lot of soda or are currently getting rid of a bunch of items, check with your local recycling plant. You might get extra cash if you send them to the right place.

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The amount you can get will depend on what you’re recycling, where you live, and more. However selling scrap metal to junkyards that later reuse them will get you extra cash regardless of where you go.

2. Use a shopping app to make money while you get everyday items.

I’m a huge fan of Ibotta, which is a cashback rebate app that’s been increasingly popular. The discounts they offer are on items that you need once in a while—including things like an energy drink, motor oil, detergents, fresh produce, and diapers.

By getting cash back, you earn a little extra just from doing your daily shopping.

3. Sell photos you take on your cell phone for extra cash.

Apps offer tons of ways to earn money during your daily life. Stock photo companies are always looking for new ways to get people selling their pics.

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If you have a tendency to take great photos, using an app like Foap to sell the pictures you take will help you make a lot of money. The more photos you put up for sale, the easier it will be to get passive income.

4. Consider doing Amazon Mechanical Turk jobs.

Merchanical turking is slang for doing small, micro-gigs in order to make extra money.

On Amazon, they have an entire marketplace devoted to it. Things like writing thank you notes, searching the net for certain things, or even doing transcription is on there. It’s a good way to spend a little time every morning.

5. Start doing online reviews.

If there’s one thing businesses adore, it’s seeing people give their products online reviews. Some will even pay you to do it and will actually seek you out on gig sites to do so.

You’re already using a bunch of things. You have to in order to survive. You might as well get paid to show yourself reviewing them.

On YouTube, a lot of major celebrities make money by just doing tutorials on how to use products. Nothing is stopping you from being the next YouTuber out there.

6. Get paid to lose weight.

Have an extra five pounds you need to get rid of? Sign up for a site like HealthyWage when you diet it out. You pay some money upfront, but when you show evidence that you dropped the weight, you end up getting a whole lot more back.

Photo by alan KO / Unsplash

Some people have gained as much as $1,000 or more by signing up for a service that pays you to lose weight. You’re going to get that bikini body anyway, so you might as well lose it and get paid for it.

7. Get paid to party and promote nightclubs.

If you’re a party animal and know how to show people a good time, you might be able to get a job as a nightlife promoter in a major city. Promoters are typically paid for flyering, keeping guests happy, and also just getting the word out via Facebook.

It might not be a lot of money you make, but the connections will definitely prove to be very useful. Besides, if you love the nightlife, the money you save on entry will be great.

8. Become an Uber or Lyft driver.

Come on, you had to know that this would end up on just about every list of ways to earn money while doing your typical thing. A lot of drivers end up making money while just going on their daily commute, or when they are about to head out shopping.

Photo by Victor Xok / Unsplash
Sure, there may be a bit of wear and tear on your car, but it’s a good way to earn cash if you’re into driving.

9. Get paid to surf the net.

Can it be? Actually, yes, it can. There are currently two or three major programs that allow you to surf the net for cash. That being said, the sites that pay you to surf aren’t Google. (Sorry!)

On mobile devices, the big one is from Swagbucks. Use their search engine, search around, and it’ll be easy to accrue enough points to receive a gift card. Meanwhile, if you want to get paid to surf the net, Bing has a program that will allow you to do that.

10. Become a referral source.

Affiliate marketing, also known as referral marketing, is an easy way to earn money. The way it works is simple: any time someone needs something, tell them to try a service you’re an affiliate of. Some even make a living doing it—so it can’t be all that bad.

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