Embassy Bank

Embassy Bank is offering its banking service without any border that makes its financial journey beautiful. It committed to giving its best shot for better banking.

For different financial products, Embassy Bank becomes a bank of reliability, innovation, customized banking solutions, expert professional guidance, and attentive personal service. It’s not possible to describe all the services in a single line.

We dug out more information about their banking service and financial product that let you decide why this bank is a better option for opening an account.

When we need a unique banking service, then this bank should be the option for you. Let’s find out more interesting facts about this bank.

Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley
Picture: Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley

What Is The History Embassy Bank?

In the banking sector, Embassy Bank is a newbie. In 2001, this bank started to operate its banking service for the public. But they established their headquarters in the perfect place and it is Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where it becomes so easy to reach mass people.

As a comparatively new community bank, this one has assets of $997 million and the deposited amount is $901. They are still working to develop banking services including customer service, financial products, and many more.

Despite this, people have found, this bank is doing its best to offer a better banking experience. As we see, it has an online and mobile app to get full freedom of the account to their client.

Take a quick look at its overall organizational structure.

Company Size51 – 200 employees
HeadquartersBethlehem, Pennsylvania
TypesPublic Company
Visit Website
Picture: Visit Website

What Types of Financial Product This Bank Offers?

This bank may be new in business, but they are rapidly growing with their different financial products. Here is the list of their product:

Personal Banking:

  • Online and Mobile Banking
  • Personal Checking
  • Personal Banking
  • Certificates of Deposits
  • Money Market
  • IRAs
  • Uncommon Mortgage
  • Home Equity
  • Credit Cards & Personal Loan

Value-Based Business Banking:

  • Business Checking
  • Business Savings
  • Business Loan
  • Certificates of Deposits
  • Cash Management
  • Commercial Service
  • Business Card Solution
  • Online & Mobile Banking

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What Is The Rate of The Product?

Before you choose a financial product from this bank, you should know about the rate. Comparing the rate will help you to make the decision. We made a table for it and here it is.

ProductCurrent Terms and RatesMinimum Balance for APY
Savings Account0.5% APY$1
Checking Account0.02% APY$1
Certificates of Deposit12 Month: 0.40% APY24 Month: 1.30% APY36 Month: 1.65% APY48 Month: 1.70% APY60 Month: 2.30% APY$500 for all terms
Money Market Accounts0.05% APY0.05% APY$10000 $15000

As you see, Embassy Bank not only comes with different financial products like savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts, CDs but also has different rates for them. So, it becomes easy to compare the rate with the national average.

To manage your money, this rate will help you a lot. For a few products, they offer the highest return for your money. Analyzing the CD rate, we found it fair in comparison. No doubt, it’s better than the national average.

Popular Account of The Bank:

Not every product of this bank is appreciated by the people. So, we picked some popular products and showed a comparison chart, and here it is.

APYAccount TypeHow They Compare
0.40%5 Years CD0.69% – National Average
0.30%Savings0.51% – Ponce Bank High Yield Money Market
0.25%1 Year CD0.55% – Ponce Bank 13 Month High – Yield CD

What about the Fees?

Now let’s talk about the fees. A better rate of return doesn’t reflect the actual scenario of a product. Fees and other charges are also related to it. If the fees are higher than the product is not right for you even if it offers the highest rate of return.

In this case, Embassy Bank charges customers extremely low fees for their financial products. It’s lower than the national average. That’s good news for us.

If you frequently visit an ATM to complete the transaction, then this bank is the ideal option for you. Because it doesn’t charge out-of-network charges.

ParticularsFeesNational Average
Monthly Fee$0$3.21
Non-network ATM Fee$0$1.20
Overdraft FeeN/A$35

See, the charges are extremely low. That’s why we keep service of this bank top of the list.

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What about Service Quality?

In terms of service quality, Embassy Bank is fairly good for everyone. To ensure uninterrupted services this bank has 10 branches in Pennsylvania. They are still working on it to increase the number of branches.

For easy access to the account, we’ve found their mobile and web app useful. So, this bank is also best for on-the-go service.

Maybe they don’t have all-day customer service, but anyone can communicate with them during the working hour that is Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET; Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET; Saturday, and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET.

Mobile app available in play store
Picture: Mobile app available in play store

Their mobile apps are usable from both android and iOS devices. Because of the flexibility, this app got 4.4 out of 5.

It’s super easy to manage a bank account by sending or receiving money, paying bills, checking account status, accessing customer service, and many more. Because of their exceptional customer satisfaction, we rated the service of this bank and the rate is given below.

  • Overall Mobile Rating (4.4/5)
  • Customer Satisfaction (5/5)
  • Online Banking Portal (No)
  • Live Chat (No)
  • Overall Service Quality (4.5/5)
Social interaction is important
Picture: Social interaction is important


From the above discussion, we’ve found that embassy banks are the solution for stress-free personal and business banking. This small bank is committed to serving with the highest professionalism. This is the bank, where anyone can get the freedom to control their account with minimum fees.

On top of that, this highest return also draws everyone’s attention. For neat and clean banking services like taking loans and opening savings accounts, this bank could be your final financial destination. Trust me, this is your bank where it’s super easy to manage money.

This bank doesn’t have any barriers to care for its clients. It’s a warm, comfortable, welcoming financial space where every customer can find what they need.

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