Student Loans from Firstmark

Over time, Firstmark student loans are getting popular among students. As a third-party loan servicer, it makes a stand by offering liberal rules for private student loans.

As we know, the loans make it easier for the student to complete their credit on time. The sad news is, most of the time, such loans make the situation complicated, especially for dealing with lenders. Firstmark knows how to help students to get what they want.

This company gently takes responsibility for such things. They come as full-time student loan servicer. That means they do everything to support you.

There are more things to explore about Firstmark. Let’s discuss it more below.

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What Is Firstmark?

Firstmark is a company that is known as a servicer for student loans. It does different types of activity related to student loans like application processing, underwriting, disbursement of funds, payment, and default aversion services.

Because of such activity, Firstmark student loans became popular. But they only work as a servicer for private student loans.

Did you get a call from Firstmark?
Picture: Did you get a call from Firstmark?

How Firstmark Can Help?

Most of the time people get confused about lenders and servicers unless they know the differences. Remember, the servicer cannot be a lender or cannot issue the loan.

The lender always plays a vital role to impose the terms and conditions (interest rate, repayment plan) against the loan. In this case, Firstmark plays its role as servicer not lender. It works as your partner and helps you to do three types of things and these are.

  • They’ll help you to repay the debt following the schedule.
  • Help to collect the payments.
  • If you face any problem they work as your best guideline and help to solve the problem

To know that, Fristmark is your servicer or not, you can contact your lender. Just ask them to find the answer. Another way you can do that. In your credit report, the name of your private student loan servicer is there.

After getting the confirmation, you should contact Firstmark. Firstmark has been always ready to answer your questions.

Firstmark is a servicer, not a lender
Picture: Firstmark is a servicer, not a lender

How To Set Up An Account With Firstmark?

Firstmark is the best servicer because its service is customer-centric. Such an approach opens the way for the customer to communicate and reach them without facing any hassle. In three ways you can do it like sending email, telephones or written correspondence.

Every time you can reach them because of its active customer service. But what are the ways to set up an account online? Let’s see how we can do it.

  • First, open your browser and go to the official website of Firstmark. You must register as a borrower. Without registration, you can go for the next step.
  • They’ll ask you to deliver different information about you and the loan. You might need to provide your full name, date of birth, social security number, email address, etc.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to create a username and password for your account.
Homepage of Firstmark Services
Picture: Homepage of Firstmark Services

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How To Make Firstmark Student Loans payments?

Looking for a way to pay the loan? Don’t worry, Firstmark student loan payments are easy. For that, you can get a few options and choose one of them to make the payment. Here are more details about it.


Online is the easiest way to make a payment. Just go to their official website and log in using your ID and password. Don’t worry, the payment is secured completely. There are two different options to pay. One is a one-time payment and another one is autopay. Choose your option.


Firstmark can receive a check against your payment through mail service. Their mail address is P.O. Box 2977, Omaha, NE 68103-2977. But you must include more details with it like a statement stab where they can find your account number.


Firstmark has a specific number to call and that is 888-538-7378. Just dial the number and make your payment following instructions over the phone.

About Co-Signer

It’s true, Firstmark makes the process of handling private student loans easy but the lender doesn’t. Most lenders check credit history before approving the loan. But the sad news is few of them come with a credit history that a lender expects.

Such a thin credit file demotivates lenders to lend money. To overcome this situation, the lender asks to add a co-signer. This co-signer must have a good and solid credit history. The role of a co-signer is, they will pay the borrowed amount if the borrower fails to repay.

Relatives or parents can be co-signer for private student loans. Even in this situation, Firstmark helped the co-signer as well. They allow the co-signer to set up an account. Through this account, the co-signer can get access to the loan-related information.


Is Firstmark services a good loan servicer?

The majority, who took services from Firstmark, ensure that they have a positive experience. Despite that, it got a “B” rating. On the other hand, few complaints were filed against it. In my eyes, Firstmark is quite a good service for many people.

What types of student loans does Firstmark Services service?

The majority, who took services from Firstmark, ensure that they have a positive experience. Despite that, it got a “B” rating. On the other hand, few complaints were filed against it. In my eyes, Firstmark is quite a good service for many people.

How do I know if Firstmark Services is my servicer?

In two ways, you can know about it. One is asking your lender about the servicer and another one is checking your credit report. You’ll find the name in this report.

Know Firstmark services before hiring them
Picture: Know Firstmark services before hiring them


Firstmark is a great servicer that handles millions of student loans. Through this review, we found how they serve people as a servicer on behalf of the students.

It lets you keep everything recorded and take all the responsibility to make the payment and repayment in time. If you are one of these students then tracing your payment, checking balances, and managing related with your private student loan is just easy only for Firstmark.

Finally, Firstmark student loans are best to maintain your credit with perfect corresponding.

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