High Paying Careers for Artistic Types

Math, science, technology, and engineering, and fields seem to be where the money is these days. However, not everyone is talented enough in those fields to make their living from them. The good news people with a talent for the arts can still find jobs that will do more than make ends meet if they know where to look.

College Professors

"Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach." It’s a common saying in the arts field, but perhaps the teachers are just smarter than the struggling professionals out there. After all, teaching at the college level is an excellent way to earn a decent income. Interested parties should look at getting relevant degrees in history, foreign languages, English, literature, art, drama, music, architect, and library science.

Designers, Composers, & Architects

Individuals who can make something out of nothing but their mind are often in high demand. These folks might find work creating new fashions, commercial products, video games, or musical scores. Or they could see themselves decorating homes, businesses, film or television sets. Those with technical skills could also work as building or landscape architects.


Creative people with an eye for details can make a good living as editors in both the publication and film industries. These people put their skills to good use correcting mistakes, making creative decisions, and evaluating content on a daily basis. Many copy editors currently work from home, making this position an even more appealing job prospect. However, this is a field that is scheduled to see a slight decrease in demand over the next ten years.

Makeup Artists

These are individuals who put their cosmetic skills to good use, often working with the talent in the entertainment or fashion industries. They are regularly hired out to do makeup for significant events such as weddings and proms. It’s a growing industry, with demand for these professionals scheduled to increase significantly in the next six years. Those who are interested in pursuing this profession will probably need to go to cosmetology school to get a relevant license before embarking on their career.


Although technical writers make the most money, copywriters and creative writers generally make good salaries as well. One of the main perks in this field is that employees can work from anywhere since all they need typically is a laptop computer and an active internet connection. However, this aspect has helped to make writing a highly competitive field where people generally need a relevant degree to get their foot in the door. Writing is nonetheless a growing profession, but employment in this field is only moving forward at an average pace.

Directors, Curators, & Other Managers

People who oversee various programs, such as those involving art or talent, at their place of business are generally well compensated. Program directors may also manage or at least be involved with fundraising and community outreach efforts to support their work-related projects. Additional duties might include hiring and training staff, organizing program materials, and monitoring project outcomes. Museum curators, producers, and broadcasting managers are also well-paid individuals who fall under this heading but may have slightly different duties than the ones mentioned here.

Good luck!

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Image Credit: StartupStockPhotos via Pixabay.

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