A breakdown of how many people live in the US according to the last census
A breakdown of how many people live in the US?

In a fast-developing world, many states are registering an increase in their population growth. The latter is a result of emerging industries and tremendous economic growth. The transformative change has led to the rise in population across the globe. Since the last census, there have been many changes in the community. Hence, creating the need to understand how many people live in the US from the previous count. And a clear view of the population will aid in the effective allocation of resources and improve living standards.

While looking at how many people live in the US, since the last census,it relies on several short term projections. It includes individuals whose typical residence is in the 50 states of Columbia.

These projections extend to the United States residents, excluding the armed forces personnel, their dependents, and residents outside the United States. 

The predictions rely on monthly forecasts carried by detailed surveys. Recent research depicts the population is likely to increase with no signs of decline.

So there is still room for continuous tracking of the United States population. To keep you on track, let’s look into how many people live in the US, according to the last census.

Overview of the US Population Since the Last Census

An overview of how many people live in the US according to the last census

The United States Constitution addresses the US population should be counted after every census. The operation has been on since 1790. The last completed census in the US was conducted in 2000. According to the United States laws,people participating in the count should be citizens of the United States.

Robert Groves, the director of the Census Bureau, inaugurated the census by counting the Second World War. On March 15th, 2012, more than 120 million reports were delivered by the US post office.

By April 1st, 2010, census provided and mailed forms depicting 134 million population. The national email 2010 census participation was 74 percent. The government went ahead, visiting houses that did not return the forms. The operation was termed as non-response follow up (NRFU).

The US Census Bureau delivered the report to the president for appointment. After which it was read to the public.

Were There any Significant Changes?

Tactics employed by the government to know how many people live in the US

While looking at how many people live in the US: there have been some changes in the operations. The US government gave six households a single form to fill the social and economic status.

But there was a significant change in the 2010 census where the government gave a unique form with a minimum of ten questions.

The form included some space to repeat all the questions serving up to 12 households. Unlike the 2000 census, an internet response was not requested, and there was no room for downloading any form.

In-depth social-economic information will continue to be collected at the American Community survey. The latter gathers information about the community’s population after every 1 to 3 years.

According to the reports, a small percentage of the community will receive the news every year. No residents will get the information more than once every year.

In 2009 the US census resorted to counting the same marriages. However,the data forms did not include the same-sex marriage form. While registering the relationships, the couples had the discretion to indicate their couples in the form.


Lockheed Martin was given a $500 million contract to capture and standardize census data. The whole operation entailed facilities, staffing, and systems—the final census value exceeded by one billion. Martin Lockheed utilized the high-speed document scanning system and Image Track scanners to complete the project.

It was the first census to utilize the handheld computing gadgets’ GPS features. Information gatherers, also known as enumerators, did not give accurate information while covering the exercise.

There were contradicting problems relating to the operations, with minor critiques relating to the units. Rural areas experienced problems with transmitting data to and from HHC.

If the systems were not put in an overnight sleep mode, they experienced dysfunctions and delays. The census operation decided to use the Non Response Follow Up with hand used computing devices.


Previous census allegations depict in the last census the nonwhites and poor people were under-counted. In 2010, the census decided to choose ten lists of intermediaries to help in sensitizing people on the need to be counted.Nevada emerged as one of the most populated states in the United States.

Texas recorded an increase in population. Michigan was the only state to lose people. The resident’s community does not include people living in overseas.

The United States population records a steady increase since the last census. The population increase is leading to new demand daily. As a result, it is essential to look into:what is the population of the US citizen from the last census.

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