These days, solar panel installation has become popular, especially for financial benefit. It dramatically reduces electricity bills and helps to get incentives against federal tax credit.

Because of increasing popularity, people are curious to know how they can install solar panels without being a professional. They think it’s still a big investment but honestly, with the proper knowledge, it’s one of the best DIY projects that can be done at minimum cost.

After understanding your desire, we’ll break down everything about solar panel installation, including its cost, pros, cons, and many more.

How much does a solar panel installation cost?
Picture: How much does a solar panel installation cost?

What Is A Solar Panel?

We know about solar energy that we can get from the sunray. To use such power, solar panels (PV panels) convert the sunlight to particles of energy. This energy is known as photons converted into usable electricity.

Such electricity can be used in different applications that’s why solar panel installation becomes more popular. Interested to know more about it?  From PickBoon you can discover another world of solar panels that is full of tips, tricks, how they are made and works, how they create electricity, and many more.

Solar Panel Installation: Step By Step Guide

Installation of solar panels is not easy unless you know exactly which role you must play. For better understanding, we divided this project into 6 steps. Now it will be easier for you to complete the project. Let’s dive into the deep.

Install your solar panel system
Picture: Install your solar panel system

Step 1: Make a plan

The plan is to start any kind of DIY project. For solar panels, you must do the same one. Plan as you prefer because it’s the trickiest step for everyone.

This plan lets you clear the concept of energy systems, especially when you don’t have previous experience. But how to make your plan? Let’s see.

  • First, decide your goals like why you want to install a solar panel system and what you want from it. It may be for saving money, or for backup power, or for being independent about the power.
  • The goal helps to choose which types of systems will be good for you.  So this is your next decision to take. It must match your requirements. Even it minimizes the complexity as well. Most of the time the types of solar panel systems (Grid-tie solar panel system, Hybrid solar panel system, Off-grid solar panel system)  impact the overall cost of the project.
  • For solar installation, every government imposes some rules and regulations. Try to clarify them to avoid unexpected circumstances. Some governments are asking for permission to install solar systems, even for DIY projects. So, make sure you are free to install or not.
  • Design the system because it is the most complicated part of your plan.
  • Finally, it’s time to do the necessary math. Find how much it will cost and how many years the system will run. Search online for the price of the component and get ideas to save utility bills.
Electricity bill before solar and after solar
Picture: Electricity bill before solar and after solar

One formula can make your math easy and here it is:

Total Financial Savings = Avoided utility cost – the cost of solar equipment

Step 2: Permitting process

So, be ready to get into action and dirty your hands. Start with permission. Yes, we are talking about the rules and regulations imposed by the government. Once more, review them quickly. If needed, take permission from the concerned authority.

Step 3: Buy the necessary equipment

Not everyone around you is selling the best solar panel equipment. So, you need to choose a supplier who helps you to buy the necessary equipment. Here is the list of necessary components.

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  • Solar inverter
  • Panels
  • Wiring supplies
  • General electrical supplies
  • Mounting equipment
  • Racking equipment
  • Charge controller
  • The battery system, etc.

It will be best if you buy a complete solar panel kit that is designed for DIY projects. In this kit, all necessary equipment is included.

Step 4: Installation

After getting all the permits and necessary equipment, it’s time to install the panels. But the method of installation depends on the type of the system. You’ve to do it according to the system required.

  • First, install the panel racking and mount. Mark the specific position on your roof where you want to install it. Install lag bolts and flushing as well to create a waterproof seal.
  • Microinverters work as an output module for the solar panel. These modules have wires for positive and negative connections. Use bolts and connect them to the rail
  • Take copper wire and connect them across the rails as grounding. It makes the panel safe from lightning strikes.
  • Now install the junction box that channels the power to your house from the panel.
  • Attach the solar panel onto the roof.
  • After the installation of the panel, connect them to the house.

Step 5: Final inspection

It’s time for the final inspection. Get help from the local AHJ. They will help you to do that, and let you know if the system is perfect and matched with your plans or not.

Step 6: Turning the system on

When you’ve completed all the steps I’ve mentioned earlier, then run the system. This for ensuring the functioning of the system. If it’s running exactly as you wanted, then congratulations, you are ready to go off-grid.

Solar Panel Installation Cost:

Installation costs of solar panels vary on your requirement and the type you’re about to install. We’ve calculated the cost and here it is.

Solar Panel SizeAverage Solar Installation Cost
2 kW$6016
3 kW$9225
4 kW$12035
5 kW$14893
How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Costs? (Can You Do It Yourself?)

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The Bottom Line

After reading this guideline I hope you got the idea of how a solar panel needs to be installed fulfilling all the requirements at a minimum cost. This review will help you a lot when you’re serious about going solar.

Solar panel installation is a complete journey where you face challenges, ups, and downs. But at the end of the day, the reward will be in your home. You’ll be an example of an energy-independent person.

It’s true, as a DIY project, it’s a time-consuming and sensitive task where you need most of your concentration and calculation. This guideline was for you to tell about a path where you can find the ideas and methods for solar panel installation. Best of luck!

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