Around half of the country currently lives paycheck to paycheck, which means that one of the most financially devastating things that can happen to people is to get fired from their jobs. With layoffs, people can at least get unemployment insurance. Being fired, on the other hand, could potentially bar former employees from even receiving enough unemployment income to keep themselves afloat.

It’s probably best to avoid getting fired, and it’s not that hard to do. Here are some of the quickest ways to improve job security…

Be professional.

Though it could be due to other issues, the easiest way to avoid getting fired is to behave professionally. Being polite, following rules set by the management, and dressing the part, employees are already doing most of what they need to do in order to avoid getting the axe.
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This isn’t always easy, though. Some people feel like their coworkers or management are pushing them towards saying or doing something out of line, if that’s the case, it may be better for those people to leave their jobs prior to getting canned.

Choose an industry that has high job security.

Some industries, particularly high-competition industries, tend to fire people for very minor details. For those who work in fashion, entertainment, or any of the arts, this is doubly true.
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Though it may not be as glamorous, choosing to work in an industry that is notoriously job safe is an easy way to ensure that a person won’t get fired anytime soon. In some cases, job demand can be so high that they won’t fire someone even if they should.

Automotive repair, trade jobs, medical industries, law enforcement, and anything math-related tends to have high job security. It’s something to consider, especially when the threat of being fired is causing unnecessary stress.

Recognize When It’s Time To Go

Counterintuitive as it may be, the best way to avoid being fired is to know when you’re on the chopping block. Employees that notice warning signs that management is trying to get them to leave their job, should listen to them and start looking for a new place.

It’s better to be prepared and to preemptively strike than it is to be stuck with a pink slip, unprepared for unemployment.

Mesh With The Culture

The easiest way to get fired from a company without technically doing anything wrong is to just not work with the culture. Whether it’s not wearing what everyone else is wearing, not fitting in with others, or just sticking out a bit too much.
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Work is a social setting, and like with any other social setting, those who constantly clash with everyone around will eventually be let go.

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