The Advanced Identity Protector is to protect your data when you are concerned about your safety. Nowadays, technological advancement increases the chances of identity theft from our system.

For a logical reason, people are deeply concerned and don’t want to be victims of identity theft. For daily operations, we need to connect our lives with computer networks and electronic data. This is the trigger point when the chances of exposing individual privacy increase dramatically.

That’s why we must keep our identities safe from being tracked. Don’t worry, there is a solution and we are here to talk about how to stay protected from such risk using Advanced Identity Protectors. Read on to learn more about it.

Picture: Advanced Identity Protector

What Is An Advanced Identity Protector?

There are many ways to protect your identity against theft. Advanced Identity Protector is just like that. This tool is available for everyone and can be downloaded from their website.

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Few of the users of this tool found that It’s already installed on their computer. If not, then download and it’s compatible with a different version of windows. Users treated this tool as a potentially unwanted program, but it’s actually a beneficial one.

It checks your system and collects data that is possible to wipe out. But for that, the user needs to buy its license.

Top-Ranked Companies:

Different software is available that is good for advanced identity protection and these are:

  1. Complete ID
  2. NortonLifeLock
  3. IdentityIQ
Protect Your Identity
Picture: Protect Your Identity

How Does The Advanced Identity Protector Help To Keep Your Data Safe?

The most popular software to prevent identity theft is made by the developer of Systweak Software. This tool was made as dedicated software to protect personal information. Yes, it won’t let any intruder access your data.

It’s best in service because it easily identifies which information is open and can be stolen. After a complete scan of your system, this tool will show you the result. Then you’ll know which types of information can disclose your identity.

To protect your data, you need to run this software first. It will collect different types of information and that is mentioned below.

  • Email accounts
  • Passwords
  • Credit card details
  • Social security number, etc.

After collecting all this data, this dedicated tool will secure it immediately in a vault. This vault is only accessible by you. That’s how the Advanced Identity Protectors work on a user’s PC.

On top of that, it can delete all the traces that increase the chances of exposing identity. A cool feature! Isn’t it? So, no chances for hackers to hack your system to steal your identity.

Compatible Platform:

No doubt, the best identity protector is also best to work with different platforms. This one is also good in this case. Here is the list of the operating systems that work with this tool.

  • macOS X 10.11 and later 64-bit processor
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Advantages of Advanced Identity Protector:

Such a tool comes with lots of features that ensures a user to get different types of benefit. We found many of these and a few are explained below.

  • Secure all the personal information in a click.
  • Allow the user to access all personal information from one secure place.
  • Instantly scan the system to find sensitive personal information and import it to them in a secure vault.
  • Easy to modify the preference of the tool by area and type.
advanced identity protector
Picture: Keep your personal information safe

Can All The Features of The Advanced Identity Protector Define Its Reliability?

The best thing about this tool is its features. All these features make it more perfect and reliable for the user. Let’s discuss all of these features below.

Organizing Data

No doubt, this tool is meant to be a vault to protect personal information. For that, it needs to collect all the data and organize it perfectly.

Protect Information

After completing the scan, it imports all the sensitive and important data to a vault. This software does it smartly. It’s fully password protected and encrypted as well. This tool comes with an AES-256 encryption service and it’s one of the best in the world.

Protect Credit Card Details

Among all the sensitive information, credit cards are getting the most priority. If you are using your credit card information through your system, then this software will handle all the details and secure them in a vault.

Instant access

Despite this program having an encrypted and password-secured vault, the user can easily access his information in a few seconds. If you’ve such one, then just remember its master password, not more than that.

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AIP Feature

AIP is another best feature of this protector. This tool is designed to keep your identity hidden from everywhere. That means, there won’t be any traces from web browsers, files, documents, window registry, email, etc.

Schedule Scan

If you forgot to run the program for scanning after a specific time, then this protector can help you to run it. Yes, this tool can perform a scheduled scan process. That means, don’t need to worry anymore to run the scan command. Even it won’t let you take an interval from your work.

advanced identity protector
Picture: You can customize the scan feature


In the final segment, one thing we can do about advanced identity protectors for sure. That is, it’s one of the best personal data protection tools which is fully reliable in many ways. Already we discussed why it’s best in the business.

From hiding the traces to securing information in the vault using encryption methods, this tool comes as a valuable option that can make us free from worrying about the chances of identity theft.

It opens all the way to find your sensitive information by scanning from time to time and secure it instantly in the vault.

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