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Lavar Ball is an American media personality and a businessman born in Los Angeles. Maybe you know him, but do you know his net worth? This article gives you Lavar Ball’s net worth.

Lavar Ball is a successful media personality, former professional footballer who was born on 23rd October 1967 in the USA. He is renowned for forming Junior Basket Ball Association. He is also the founder and CEO of his brand- Big Baller Brand.

According to public records, Lavar Ball net worth is $4 million as per 2020.

How Lavar Ball net Worth Reached $4 million

A breakdown of  Lavar Ball gained net worth and how he gained it
How Lavar Ball gained his net worth

First off, one thing about Ball is that he is quite methodical on all his approach to achieving results. After all, things work out for him on various fronts.

Although he is not so popular, you can be sure he has worked out hard to increase his wealth, pushed his oldest son through the NBA, and left the other sons with something in hand.

Many people may wonder how he happened to land at his $4 million net worth. Well, with the methodical approach in mind, Ball has managed to land many paid interview opportunities. A lot of people have termed his business endeavors as unorthodox, but that’s what has made him a media personality. Thatmeans that he is capitalized on that exposure.

Let’s now look at how he began.

Lavar Career

Lavar Ball net worth partly attributed to his sporting career
Lavar Ball net worth attributed to basketball and football

Ball was a successful footballer and basketballer at Canoga Park High School. While in college, he became a pro in basketball. He then turned down his basketball career after Long Beach City College invited him to play football in their team.

After his school, he was invited for National Football League (NFL) in 1995, where he finally landed on the New York Jets as a kick return. In the same year,the World League of America Football was set to begin, andhe was loaned by London Monarchs to play. Unfortunately, he was injured, and his football career came to a standstill.

Lavar Ball in Business

After he left the NFL, he decided to venture into business. He chose to be a personal fitness instructor. After testing the business world, he became more interested in venturing into many other opportunities.

As the saying goes, “behind every successful man, there must be a lady,” Lavar got married and had three sons. He trained them tirelessly intending to prepare them to play one year in the college then get them to the NBA. This plan worked out because Lonzo (his son) became the second top-rated in the NBA draft.

In 2016, this businessman started appearing in the media after all his three sons joined playing basketball professionally. In the following year, 2017, LiAngelo (his son) was arrested together with the other UCLA players. They were charged with a stealing case in China. Fortunately, the team was dropped after three days.Feel free to read What Is Warren Buffet’s Real Net Worth (as of 2020)

The Big Baller Brand

Ball’s wealth began to skyrocket when he founded Big Baller Brand. This was an athletic apparel company that was meant to compete with Adidas, Reebok, and Nike. Although the company tried to be like those three pioneer brands, it failed. But, gained some notoriety.

Surprisingly, Ball’s company picked excellently and hit its profits within only a few months after its launch. However, there rose issues concerningthe pricing of sneakers that were branded as Lonzo shoe for his rookie season.

One of the noticeable things about Lonzo is that he was influenced by his father not to sign the deal with companies like Adidas and Nike. In fact, this was something that was cooked after a fantastic freshman year at UCLA.

Ball’s Plan

Ball is continuing with his clothing apparel line. Recently, he has announced he is planning to implement a developmental league for athletes who don’t wish to continue with their education after high school.

However, he has warned that when someone joins, he should wait in a preparatory for a year before now joining the NBA. What will make you wonder is that this league was criticized heavily, but the NBA went as far as supporting other similar efforts.

Lavar’s Controversy

On the other side of Lavar, he is known for his habit of making often outlandish and controversial statements. And if you doubt it, here is an example: some time back he said that he played one-on-one with Michael Jordan and he emerged as a winner.

These controversial statements make Lavar Ball always bein front of cameras ininterviews. And you can be sure that the more interviews he is invited, the more dollars are falling in his account. And that means he is always trying to leverage the generational wealth that he keeps on talking about.

And here is the ugly truth, whether people like him or throw stones at him, he’s making unstoppable moves.

Bottom Line

One of the interesting about Ball is that he leverages his business opportunities that are created using unconventional ways. And from these ways, he has built a savvy business.

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