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Nowadays, investors want to get involved in AABB stock to get some benefit. But is it really good to get? Before we discuss the stock and its financial forecasting, we should know more about Asia Broadband, Inc (AABB).

This company is known as Resource Company. So, most investors know how to calculate and make a prediction for such types of companies. For this company, they also calculate some financial data.

It’s not the end for the valuation of AABB stock. There are more details you should get that can make your investment much better.

aabb stock
Picture: Stock Market is the best place for investment

What Is Asia Broadband, Inc. (AABB)?

Simple, this company operates as a resource company. So, it is focused on a specific path and plan. They are involved with the production, supply & sale of Precious & Base metals. On January 24, 1996, this company started to operate its activity. But it owns a subsidiary named Asia Metals Inc.

Asia is their primary market. That’s why most of the activity of this company focused on this market. Now we can see the success of AABB stock on the stock market. Maybe it is focused on Asian Market but its headquarters are in Las Vegas. NV.

About Asia Broadband Inc.:

Take a quick look at this resource company and some key details.

Sub-industryMetals & Mining
Address1066 West Hastings Street, Suite 2000 Vancouver, BC V6E 3X1

Stock Market Info of Asia Broadband Inc.:

Now let’s talk about the stock. Is it good to buy AABB stock or sell it? According to the different finance reports and stock market analysis, it is possible to get a prediction about the stock of this company.

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For you, we’ve gathered different information including share forecast, buy/sell opinion, stock quotes, and many more. In the last 12 months, the stock of this company has been in a bullish cycle based on the market environment and present data of AABB.

Picture: Share Market Trend
Picture: Share Market Trend

In this period, it seems basic material sectors are popular. It has become a trend for such types of stock. The good news is, we found a positive trend for the AABB stock. For the investment, this stock could be good and can ensure a better return.

Not only for the positive outlook, trending in the bull market lets everyone buy this stock and it’s easier to calculate. We suggest you for the optimal investment if you are new in this market.

Historical Data of AABB Stock:

We collect 14 days of historical data, including opening price, closing price, minimum price, maximum price, etc. Take a quick look at this data.

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price
2021-08-27 0.1165 0.1196 0.1137 0.124
2021-08-26 0.1125 0.115 0.111 0.1155
2021-08-25 0.1119 0.115 0.1102 0.1155
2021-08-24 0.1164 0.1172 0.1115 0.1175
2021-08-23 0.1213 0.12 0.1184 0.123
2021-08-20 0.1237 0.1201 0.1173 0.1237
2021-08-19 0.1294 0.1234 0.1212 0.1298
2021-08-18 0.1269 0.129 0.1269 0.1335
2021-08-17 0.127 0.1269 0.125 0.1277
2021-08-16 0.1234 0.1295 0.1225 0.1295
2021-08-13 0.1234 0.121 0.1199 0.1234
2021-08-12 0.1198 0.1203 0.1195 0.123
2021-08-11 0.1244 0.127 0.1216 0.127
2021-08-10 0.1371 0.1242 0.1209 0.138

AABB Security Details:

Here are more details you might need to know for the valuation of the AABB stock.

Share StructureRemarksDate
Market Cap27183244608.27.2021
Authorized Shares250000000008.28.2021
Outstanding Shares229394469008.28.2021
Outstanding Shares (Restricted)29717988908.28.2021
Outstanding Shares (Unrestricted)199676480108.28.2021
Held at DTC178248917708.28.2021
Per Value0.0001 

Stock Price Prediction, Forecast for Upcoming Months and Years:

Based on the previous data, and financial report, including the trend, our experts predict the upcoming year. Below you’ll find the data.

Picture: Forecast trend line

Stock Price Forecast for 2021:

DateOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceChange
October 2021$0.1089$0.114$0.1016$0.1144.43
November 2021$0.1160.112.1031.116-3.61
December 20210.110.1079.0994.113-2.02%
Short-term AABB stock prediction of aabb stock
Picture: Short-term AABB stock prediction

Stock Price Forecast for 2022:

DateOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceChange
January 2022.113.1096.10042.117-3.55
February 2022.111.1830.111.18339.27%
March 20220.1820.1840.1710.1871.31%
April 20220.1850.1630.1610.186-14.05%
May 20220.1640.1630.1570.164-0.92%
June 20220.1610.1460.1460.164-10.33%
July 20220.1480.1540.1480.1573.92%
August 20220.1560.1530.1530.163-2.49%
September 20220.1510.1500.1500.158-0.73%
October 20220.1500.1560.1410.1564.38%
November 20220.1560.1500.1430.156-3.86%
December 20220.1490.1470.1390.153-1.95%
Long term prediction of aabb stock
Picture: Long term prediction

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Are Asia Broadband’s Key Executives?

Asia Broadband, Inc. has an energetic management team. James G. Gilbert got a position as a chairman, President, CEO, CFO & Secretary.

What is Asia Broadband’s stock symbol?

There is a ticker symbol that is used for the trade on the OTCMKTS and this symbol is “AABB”.

How do I buy shares of Asia Broadband?

Through your online brokerage account, you can easily buy shares of AABB. But the brokerage house should have access to the U.S. stock market. You can take a look at WeBull, Vanguard Brokerage Services, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Robinhood, Fidelity, etc.

Who Are Some of Asia Broadband Key Competitors?

Accelerate Resources, Adriatic Metals, Adventus Mining, Aeries Resources, Aftermath silver, Akora Resources, Aldoro Resources, American Manganese, American Rare Earths, AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group, Anax Metals, Apollo Gold & Silver, Arcadia Minerals, etc. are the key competitors of Asia Broadband Inc.

What is the Asia Broadband Stock Price Today?

Currently, the price of AABB is approximately $0.12.

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Asia Broadband Inc. Company is focused on producing base metals. In the production, supply, and sale, this company uses specific geographic expertise. That’s how they are still best in the base metal market, especially in Asian territory.

Even their focus on innovation in the distribution process. Indeed, there are lots of positive sides we found about this company. Such positivity for the business makes their stock more valuable than other competitors.

If you want to invest in AABB stock, then this is the perfect time to do so. Before the investment, make sure you are on the right track for the investment.

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