For general banking, there are lots of banks and financial institutes available but Machias Savings Bank (MSB) is mentionable. It’s not only best in banking service but also for customer satisfaction.

Even a customer can get more freedom to withdraw money that was received as a foreign deposit in this bank. That’s why we gear up our team to get more details that can help you to know more about it.

Every department of this bank will listen to you. Its excellent professionalism makes everything perfect in banking service.

Maybe you still have lots of questions to ask about its services. Keep reading, you’ll get the necessary information about MSB.

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What Is The Machias Savings Bank?

Machias Savings Bank has an old history in banking because it started its activities as a bank in 1869. Based on its assets and deposits, it’s treated as a medium-sized bank. As its name suggests, its headquarter is situated in Machias. But it is growing fast with its customer-friendly services.

That’s why they introduced online banking that works on different online and mobile platforms including live chat features. Savings accounts, checking accounts, IRAs, CDs, mortgage products, credit cards, and money market accounts are the most common services of this bank. With this bank, anyone can manage their money with ease.

Machias Savings Bank
Picture: Machias Savings Bank

What Are The Products Offered By MSB?

Now come to the point. Why MSB is best in its services and what types of products they offer for their potential clients? It is not possible to go through every financial product individually. So we made a chart for a quick view and here it is.

ProductCurrent Terms and RatesMinimum Balance for APY
Savings Accounts0.05% APY$1
Certificates of Deposit12 Month: 0.15% APY 24 Month: 0.25% APY 36 Month: 0.30% APY 48 Month: 0.35% APY 60 Month: 0.40% APY$1,000 for all tiers
Money Market Accounts10K tier: 0.05% APY 25K tier: 0.08% APY$2,501 $25,001
Checking Accounts0.03% APY$1

As you see, MSB has a wide range of services to manage your money in a perfect way.

Machias Savings Bank has a glorious history
Picture: Machias Savings Bank has a glorious history

Things You Need To Know About MSB Mobile Deposit:

MSB mobile deposit draws our attention for its instant feedback and services. It’s a mobile remote deposit system where it covers check deposits. As a part of online activity, this service is associated with Mobile Money Service.

The best side is, Mobile Money Service is automatically enrolled. But in one condition every activity of this service completes and that is the agreement of terms and conditions.

In this agreement, it’s mentioned that you are agreeing to incorporate your required services like checking savings and money market savings. That means the authority has the controlling power over the terms and conditions and it can be changed in the future.

MSB is best in Bank services
Picture: MSB is best in Bank services

What About International Money Transfer (Receiving and Sending)?

In terms of international transactions like sending or receiving money internationally, there are lots of things to consider. MSB does such things in favor of their customers.

It’s true that sending or receiving money through international wire causes losing money. Yes, it’s true, because the conversion rate is not the same. It changes all the time. Machias Savings Bank knows well about such a bad exchange rate and tries to give you the highest rate for foreign deposits.

On the other hand, they keep their exchange rate low as much as they can when you send money through the international wire.

The good side is, MSB doesn’t have any hidden fees for such foreign deposits, transfers, and withdrawals. But what makes MSB best in this case? Let’s find out more from below.

  • They use smart technology and methods for the transaction.
  • Offer best exchange rate all the time
  • No hidden fees and charges for foreign deposit and transaction
  • They complete the transaction as fast as they can.
  • Currencies also go through in minutes.
  • For foreign and local transactions, it offers the best bank-level security.
  • It can complete transactions through more than 60 currencies, 80 countries, and over 10 million customers.
  • MSB lets you know every detail about the transaction through a wise Multi-currency account.
  • It doesn’t matter, you received money from a business organization or a person, it’s just a matter of minutes to deposit the money in your account.

What Did We Like About MSB?

There are lots of things to mention that made MSB the best in business. We just mentioned a few of them. Take a quick look at it.

  • 24 x 7 online banking service
  • Minimum charges
  • Comes with a stable and reliable mobile app
  • Live chat with customer service
  • Wide variety of account choice

Despite the many good sides of Machias Savings bank, we have some issues about the offered interest rate for their products. It seems there are no big differences at all with other commercial banks.

 MSB mobile app
Picture: MSB mobile app

MSB: It’s All About Quality Service

Commercial banks are not so thrilling for us, because most of the banks do the same and offer the same product. But few of them think differently. Already you know MSB is good in many ways where they made some differences.

On top of that, it has 17 different branches in 17 different locations. To reach their customers, they have mobile and web apps. It makes their banking services better and we can get a better mobile-banking experience.

MSB let you send and receive money in different countries
Picture: MSB let you send and receive money in different countries

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To make an exceptional relationship with clients, Machias Savings Bank is doing its best. From the above discussion, I hope you already figured out how they are about to win the race in banking services.

From account opening to loans, MSB offers opportunities for their potential customers. As you see, they even keep everything under control for the foreign transaction line, deposit foreign currency or send it across the border.

They practice a culture for standard and exceptional banking service. If you want a different bank that can deal on your behalf with ease then MSB is the perfect option right now.


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