Mariah Carey Net Worth Attributed To Money
Mariah Carey net worth attributed to money

Undoubtedly, Mariah Carey is one of the most successful artists in the world. She became famous in 1991 thanks to her single “vision of love” which was part of her eponymous album trended on number 1 on the Billboard charts. The star’s shine didn’t end there. She has had 17 other songs number 1 on Billboard top charts making her the only solo artist to have gained this level of success. She became the best selling artiste in 1991, managing to sell a whopping 15 million copies that year alone.

Music success contribution to Mariah Carey’s net Worth

Music- the main contributor of Mariah Carey’s networth

Mariah Carey wasn’t satisfied with her success. Her second album title “Emotions” sold 8 million copies. She has continued to put out more albums and to date, she’s sold over 200 million copies thanks to a huge following from loyal music lovers. One song worth mentioning is “All I Want for Christmas” which has earned the star a cool $60 million to date since its debut in 1994. It’s safe to say that her songs are timeless.

Mariah Carey has had success in her 28 years music career which has also come with a fair deal of challenges she has had to battle. The singer has gone through multiple divorces and was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her divorce and her successful career have seen her amass a huge fortune amounting into millions of dollars and she’s not afraid to spend it on things and people that she loves.

Mariah Carey’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mariah Carey’s net worth is $300 million. Mariah Carey hasn’t accumulated her wealth through selling albums alone. She has also made money through live shows, some of which she was the headliner.  She has also invested in real estate. Her residences in Las Vegas raked in $25 Million in 2015 alone.

Mariah also made money when her failed contract with Virgin records resulted in her receiving a one-off payment of $50 million when the record label didn’t record the agreed 5 albums.

Mariah has also had TV appearances in American Idol, movies, and TV appearances which have made seen her make some a fair amount of money.

 A divorce worth Millions

Mariah Carey has also accumulated a lot of wealth through her failed marriages which have resulted in divorce. Her divorce with Australian billionaire James Packer resulted in her getting a 35-carat diamond ring estimated at $5 to 10 million when they broke up in 2017.

How Mariah Carey spends her millions

Viewers of the show MTV cribs got a close sneak peek into how the popular singer spends her wealth. Her 3 bedroom townhouse has a shower that the star had only used once. Her reasons for not using the shower were that the bathroom had too many knobs, had walls painted like candy, had a chandelier, a salon. The star also had a chaise chair in the kitchen because she doesn’t like to stand up straight.

Most recently, Mariah invited Vogue magazine to see her closet. She has a separate shoe and clothes closet. She also has a separate lingerie closet

Monthly rent running into millions

When she’s in Los Angeles, she rents a house for $35000 a month. There was a time she used to rent a property for $100000 monthly in Coldwater Canyon.

Mariah Carey net worth accords her a 5-star treatment

When Mariah isn’t spending her money buying or renting expensive properties, she’s spending it on making her accommodations more comfortable. According to Vanity Fair, she once spent $100000 to purchase exotic flowers. It’s rumored that the star spends around $1500 on dinner at one of the upmarket LA restaurants.

Mariah does not spare any money when it comes to her dogs. She pays $45000 annually for her dog’s spa treatment.

When on the road

Mariah Carey net Worth affords her 5-star treatment

When Carrey is touring, she doesn’t keep things simple. She stays in luxury hotels where she receives 5-star treatment and in the end, pays thousands of dollars. For example in Paris, she sleeps in the  Plaza Athenee where she pays $15,000 per diem. She also rents private yacht which costs $340,000 per week.

Mariah Carey uses private jets for her travel and this doesn’t come cheap. If she does travel using public planes, she pays for first-class tickets which cost an arm and a leg. One instance is in 2014 when she rented an entire cabin for a whopping $70,000 in a British Airways flight.

Expensive properties

In 2009, Mariah and her then-husband Nick Cannon purchased a property in Bell Air with a 10,000 square foot of space for around $7 million. The couple later sold the property for $9 million after their divorce.

In addition to the Bell Air mansion, she has a triplex penthouse in New York which has 13,000 square feet.

Mariah Carey also owned a beach property on Windermere Island, the Bahamas which she later sold for $5.5 million.

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