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Massena Savings and Loan is the ultimate and best place when you need money fast. Thinking about why I’m talking like that? It’s one of those federal financial institutions which makes banking and getting loans easier than everything.

Most of the time loans are costly to get. Because it includes different terms, conditions, interest, and hidden costs as well. But this institution is the alternative you might look for. Because in many ways it offers options that a bank cannot. 

Interested to know more? Don’t worry, there are more interesting facts waiting for you in this review. Let’s explore them one by one.

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What Is Massena Savings and Loan?

In 1924, a federal financial institution was organized. Today, we know it as Massena Savings and Loan. It was established for one purpose and that is to serve the financial need. This service is not for everyone.

Only for the community that lives in Massena and the surrounding areas. Its purpose is also aimed to promote homeownership.

Now its headquarter is situated in New York and a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The good news is, it’s also best in different banking activities, especially in telephone banking and online banking.

Massena Savings and Loan
Picture: Massena Savings and Loan

Main Services of Massena Savings and Loan

This financial institution offers a range of services. Here are the most common services they offer are given below.

  • Checking accounts
  • Online banking
  • VISA Check (Debit cards)
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Mortgage loan
  • Home equity
  • Passbook and consumer loans

What You Should Know About The Loan?

Most people are interested to know about the loan activities of this institution. To build a solid future, you can get better loan offers from here. As you know, getting a loan isn’t easy for everyone. That means, you need a helping hand and this organization is playing the same role as you want.

Based on the need, their loan packages are segregated. Take a look below to know more about the type of loan.

1. Conventional Real Estate Mortgage
  • 1 year ARM (0-25 years available)
  • 3 year ARM (0-25 years available)
  • 5 year ARM (0-25 years available)
  • Fixed-Rate, (15 years)
  • Fixed-Rate, (20 years)
  • Fixed-Rate, (25 years)
2. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
3. Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • HELC (5 years, renewable)
4. Passbook-Certificate Notes
  • Demand
5. Consumer Loans
  • Home Improvement
  • Auto
  • Other

How to Apply – A Few Tips:

There are a few tips that can be useful for you to deal with your financial decision and packages of Massena Savings and Loan. Let’s discuss it more.

  • When you are out of time to shop around for the financial packages than in a unique way the bank can direct you to several lenders. It’s best to obtain a mortgage and easily apply from your own home.
  • Bad credit or bankruptcy is a common problem that people overcome. If you have such a bad record, then don’t worry, you can still obtain a mortgage with this type of loan. There is only one way to do that and that is having a job. If you make enough money every month from the job, then the way to take out a loan is open.
  • You cannot use some listed assets as collateral. In this case, refinancing with the bank is the best option. Talk with your financial adviser and know the whole process of refinancing.
  • To apply for the account, especially for a Massena savings account, you need to know which types of information you need to provide. Most of them are personal information. After that, let them know how your account will be set up for you. Even you need to provide details about your earnings like how much money you have right now and the income as well. Don’t forget to provide information about your current property. It’s important for them to know your current property tax bill. 
  • You might get ready to give them access to your personal and sensitive information. It happened after you completed your application. They will review your tax return, employment verification, social security card, bank statement, and other necessary documents.
  • If the authority is satisfied with your financial background then it’s time to sign the paperwork. Once you complete it, they start the procedure to transfer the money into your account. The account should be the new Massena Savings Account.
Sign the paperwork
Picture: Sign the paperwork
  • Now, to wait to get a response from the bank. They’ll confirm everything via Email where they will mention that you accepted their offer. Besides, you’ll receive a debit card along with the funds you asked for in your new account.
  • Wait, don’t withdraw the money yet. Keep it in that account until the due date. In the next couple of weeks, you’ll get your first check. Congratulations!
Get deposit confirmation via email
Picture: Get deposit confirmation via email

How To Login Online Banking?

Massena Saving and Loan is trying to make their online banking system user-friendly and they succeed. Now they offer free, reliable, and user-friendly online banking services for their clients. There are only two steps to follow to log in to an account and these are.

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  • First, go to their website (
  • Look for the online banking section on the homepage of their website. Click ‘Login Now’. Provide your ID name and password.
Massena Savings & Loan homepage
Picture: Massena Savings & Loan homepage


No doubt, Massena Savings, and Loan come with some best fanatical service that is hard to resist for us. After the discussion in detail, we found more opportunities to solve our financial matters easily with the help of this institution.

If you’re looking for other options for banking and loan activities, then I hope your search is over after reading this article. From the beginning to the end, every step is just like butter for any person who wants to take a loan from here. We discussed step by step how you can do it and now, it’s time for you to take the first step.

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