There are hundreds of ways to choose financial products but Mountain America Credit Union is top on this list. Our expert decided to enlighten your knowledge by discussing more details about it.

Yes, it’s important to know what the best part of this union is and what is not. Then it’ll be easier for you to make decisions about financial products. Among many other credit unions, this one is doing best in this sector. This is the key point that draws our attention. 

After deep research we found, this credit union offers a wide range of services that make us stunted. How do they do that? To know the answer, start to read below.

mountain america credit union
Picture: Mountain America Credit Union (MACU)

What Is Mountain America Credit Union?

In general, Mountain America Credit Union is a comprehensive financial services provider that is also known as MACU. Their basic task is providing traditional bank services. But they’ve expanded their services like the Visa credit card option.

Its headquarter is situated in Sandy, Utah. We found 95 branches of this credit union in Utah and have over 50000 ATMs all over the nation. The good news is their branches are placed in key areas where it is easy to have better service with ease.

Headquarter of mountain america credit union
Picture: Headquarter of MACU

Why Mountain America Credit Union Is Best In Service?

It’s not surprising for us to find a lot of the best sides of this credit union. But explaining all these sides is a bit hard. That’s why we’ve picked few of them and explained them below.

Low Rates

This one is the biggest and best benefit in our eyes. When you hold a VISA from this union then you’ll feel why we are happy to describe this benefit. Its initial APR is astonishingly low.

Even other competitors don’t offer such a lower rate for the VISA but in one condition you can enjoy such a rate. You should have an excellent credit score. Let’s take a look at the rate below.

  • Variable-rate as low as 7.99% for Vise Low Rate Card
  • Variable-rate as low as 8.99% for Visa Rewards Card
  • Variable-rate as low as 12.49% for Visa Cash Back Card
Use card with low fees
Picture: Use card with low fees

No Annual Fees

It’s another best side of this union. As we mention about the three Mountain America’s Visa credit cards, there are no annual fees at all. Yes, you heard right. It’s one kind of reward to its customer. But this reward is not for you if you consider it for a while to use.

MACU offers this benefit for these cardholders who use their credit cards for every purchase. If you are one of them then this MACU is the best place to have a credit card.

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Rewards Visa Card Available

How do you feel when you have the opportunity to earn points against the use of a credit card? This is another popular park for the card. So, you have the chance to get more rewards like cash back, merchandise from popular merchants, and many more by redeeming all these points.

Credit cards from MACU know what their client wants. So, they offer an option for a rewards card with its Mountain American Visa Rewards card.

After the initial purchase, you’ll start to earn the coin. For every dollar, you spent, one point you can have against your card. You can buy gift cards using these coins or pay the bill at a restaurant.

Visa Protection

Every user of a VISA card gets different kinds of safety from the concerned servicer but MACU gives an extra layer of protection. All the cards issued by MACU are protected and verified automatically by VISA. This layer of protection is essential when you are purchasing something online.

Know why MACU is best in service
Picture: Know why MACU is best in service

What We Didn’t Like About MACU At All?

Not everything is good of Mountain America Credit Union. There are still some spaces to gear up their services. Let’s see what we didn’t like about MACU.

Additional Fees

Like other competitors, MACU imposed different types of additional fees. They may free you from the annual fee and balance transfer fee but there are some other fees you might need to pay. So what are they?

One is a late fee and it is up to $25. After missing monthly payments these fees are imposed by MACU. On top of that, they also impose 1% fees against foreign transaction fees.

Credit Monitoring Is Not Free

As a part of the packages of credit card, MACU offers services limited credit report monitoring. But the sad news is this service is not free at all.

Restricted Membership

For the membership, there are some limitations to get the eligibility. That means it’s restricted. No one can easily become a member of this credit union. There is a condition for that. The party must be an employee or volunteer of an employee group that is selected.

Besides, the residents of Salt Lake, Duchesne, and parts of Wasatch or Uintah counties in Utah are also eligible to get a membership.

Products of Mountain America Credit Union:

MACU offers different types of banking and financial services. It’s packed with lots of financial product. Here is the list of their product lineup with features:

  • Checking accounts (Three account options)
  • Savings Accounts (Secondary savings, three accounts, low opening balance)
  • Money Market Accounts (No minimum balance, IRA money market option)
  • Certificates (Bump rate, growth options)
  • Insurance (Life, home, business, vehicles, various carriers)
  • Investments (Wealth management, retirement planning)

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Finally, we found Mountain America Credit Union is best to offer different financial products. Breadth of products and facility make MACU the best in business. They know how they can make their client happy by offering liberal fees as well as terms and conditions.

In short, your banking is in one place. MACU has a history of stable service that is also reliable for many people. They come with the best. Their three credit card options prove their dedication to their members.

On top of that, their competitive rates are the lowest compared to other organizations of the same category. So, how can we ignore MACU? It’s not possible to bypass the best service like MACU offers.

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