Thanks to technology, it has become easy to conduct new York business search
New York business search has been made easy by technology

Do you want to perform a New York Business search? This article will guide you, step-by-step, on how to do it. Again, it’ll show you how to search for a legitimate online company.

You’re there, and you want to perform a New York business search. It can be head-scratching if you don’t know the process. Fortunately, it’s easy. The department of State in New York offers an official website thatcomes with a search function. This article takes ensures that you perform the search successfully.

The first thing to note is that you can only search for a company that’s already registered and filed its documents. If you don’t find the name of the business from the results, be sure it doesn’t exist.

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How to Conduct a New York Business Search Using the New York State Website

1. Visit the New York Department of State Business Entity Search Website

First and foremost, you need to visit the New York State website.

2. Choose between options

The page you’ve navigated to brings a few options to narrow down your search. Here, you can choose between entities that are on file or the currently active ones. In the “Select Type” button next to the “Status Type” button, alter it with the drop downs provided according to the way you want.

After completing those steps, enter the business name in the search bar provided at the top and then hit the “Search Database” option.

New York business search can be done from the New York State website
New York business search is simple because you can do it from anywhere

3. Click on the Name You’ve Searched

After filling the above information, the page will display the results. Look carefully for the name you’ve searched, from the many names that the page presents. When you find it, click on the name itself.

At the bottom center of this page, you’ll see a button named “Next Page” and then the page numbers below it. You can cycle between pages using those buttons if you can’t find the name on the initial page.

4. View the Business Status

Congratulations if you found and selected the business name. You’re now on another new page that discloses the business details. You can check whether the business is currently active or not, stock information, address, among others.

How to Conduct a New York Business search using the Internet

To avoid being scammed, conduct a New York business search on the internet
New York business search can be done entirely on the internet

We all know that the Web is packed with scammers who want to make quick money. It’s so sad for those who fall on the trap. However, you can determine if the business is legitimate.

Here are the steps.

1. Call the business

Many companies provide their contact informationon their website. If the business has provided their number, call, and listen carefully. Are they answering or sounding professionals? If no, that should be a red light that you should take your business elsewhere. On the other hand, if yes, don’t stop there! Continue scrutinizing.

2. Check the Company’s Address

Every business should have a physical address. It must operate in a particular state. If they don’t provide any physical address, then that becomes suspicious.

Most states force companies to register their businesses with the state they operate in. Check that company in the registry and determine if that’s an actual business.

3. Consider Using the Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau helps you get reports concerning the business based on how the customers have reviewed it. Although not every company is listed here, you can try finding more information about it, such as looking for their customer ratings.

The best thing about the Better Business Bureau is that it gives out grades. For example, if the business is excellent, it’ll score an A+ while a bad one score an F. Any business scoring a B or C can be good but may fail to deliver the best customer service or may have some problems.

4. Check out online reviews

Although reviews can give a high resolution, they can be faked. However, if a company is a scam or bad, you can always find some bad reviews. Visit the main sites that promise genuine reviews for companies. Ensure that people are praising it. If not, take off.

5. Seek advice from friends and family

You might be lucky to have a family member or friend who has interacted with such a company. So, don’t ignore to ask them.

Check whether any of them has ever used that business. If yes, ask about their experience with the business. Mostly, you’ll find one or two people who have tried it and can confirm if the company is legitimate.

A smart way to do it is to use social media. Post the business name in your account and then ask your friends if they know anything about the company.

Bottom line

Conducting a New York business search will help you to avoid scams and sending your personal information to the wrong people. Be careful.

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