Patrick wife's caddie wife has been there for her husband through the victories and losses
Patrick Reed's wife double's up as his caddie

Married and become a partner in golf course

Patrick Reed is a former master champion with millions of fans throughout the world. He married a fantastic partner who always keeps him company in almost all his games. Patrick Reed wife is popular in many ways. Keep reading.

Patrick Reed wife is named Justine nee Karain. She was born on 19th December 1986 and grew up in the Houston area.

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Where did They Meet?

This couple met at Augusta State University after Patrick transferred from Georgia University. But before they met at the university, Justine’s sister, Kristiane, schooled with the golfer in the high school. So they had a long-distance relationship while Reed was in Augusta state.

Justine explained that Reed was just a particular guy who was funny. She said that the things the golfer could do were funny, even the way he could eat. Karain continued to explain that she loved Patrick’s personality as well as his drive. She said that they could match perfectly in their major characters- motivated and competitive. Remember, her dual undergraduate degrees.

In her words, she put it clear that their goal was to be the best, regardless of what happened. She added that they hit off any barrier in their way and understood one another quickly.

Two Completely Different worlds

By the time Patrick was turning to the masterpiece in the game in 2011, Justine, on the other side was turning pro in education. She had already earned two undergraduate degrees in nursing and health service administration.

Patrick Reed wife was a nurse, football player(soccer), and swimmer before she became Reed’s caddie. When they became engaged, Reed and Karain discussed the issue about Karain to be his caddie. It was a hard task for Karain. Thanks to the force in love. She gave up her career and even went as far as declining an offer that Texas Medical Center offered in a position she wanted.

Justine said that giving up such a career she had schooled for years was hard. Even turning down that management role in a unit was challenging since she wanted to achieve even better in her life.

The Big day-Wedding

Patrick Reed and Justine Karain got married but his sister and parents father didn't attend the wedding
Patrick Reed’s wife wedding- His sister and parents were not in attendance

Surprisingly, they married in 2012 when Reed was only 22 years. His sister Hannah and his parents, Bill and Jeannette, never attended his wedding. That explains why he is estranged from his parents such that he doesn’t talk to them.

One of the interviews with Washington Post, Justine explained that she could not believe that after spending her years in the university studying nursing, she would end up being a caddie. More interestingly, when she told her father she was doing caddie job could not handle his surprise but blasting out, “You’re doing what?”

However, she didn’t give up. She continued being on the bag. When Patrick came through Q-School to Reach the tour, she was there, even when Reed spend his first two years in PGA Tour.

Patrick Reed’s Wife Becomes his Personal Caddie

Patrick Reed's wife Justin was his caddie during the PGA
Justin-Patrick Reed’s wife was his caddie during the PGA

In an interview, Patrick admitted that he tested her before they proceeded to the PGA tour, she tested Justine to see if she can manage to handle the bag since Justine is only 5”1. Golf Channel stated that Reed could put extra water bottles and clothes to see if she could handle the weight. Thank Justine, she was determined to pass the test.

Patrick Reed wife explained that one day, Reed packed the bag, and Houston rose to 100 degrees. He put everything he could, and she carried to the field. She insisted they should attain their target regardless of the hot weather.

She explained that she tried all she can to become the best caddie. She said that a lot of her work was to learn her role as well as the psychology and importance of how a caddie can determine a player’s success.

Victory Comes Knocking

It never took long before their hard work could pay them. In 2013 at Wyndham Championship, they landed on their first and only PGA victory. It was a blast because that was the first time Reed played a full-time season, and the first few months were tough.

After one year of their victory, Justine could not continue caddying because she was pregnant. Kessler Karain, Justine’s brother, took over the caddying job.

An Unfortunate Accident

Unfortunately, Patrick Reed wife was hospitalized in 2014 after seizing in the bath. The doctors explained that she was lucky to be alive. If Patrick didn’t find her so quickly before it was damaging, then the name Justine could have been forgotten a long time ago. Thanks to the doctors, she survived.

Justine got her first daughter, Windsor-Wells, in 2014. The couple had their second born, Barret Benjamin, back in December 2017.

Even after her days of caddying came to an end and his brother Kessler replaced her, Justine didn’t stop there. She is the most trusted adviser that Reed has ever had. In fact, she leads Team Reed and keeps busy getting everything done for her husband, raising their two lovely kids and running their foundation.

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