Popular Investment Trends for 2018

We all wish we had had the foresight to invest in companies like Apple and Microsoft before they became so universally popular. But if you’re planning to invest in 2018, there are plenty of growing market trends that are certainly worth further research.


Although Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, there are other projects that use similar blockchain technology to create potentially valuable bits of data. However, the severe price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency markets can quickly make or break overzealous investors.

Another serious downside to cryptocurrencies is that it can be difficult to covert them back into cash. Risk analysts have additionally claimed that this is a bubble that could burst at any moment. Therefore, while cryptocurrencies are a very common investment nowadays, they are also one of the riskier options on this list.

Digital Transaction Services

Online money transfer companies such as PayPal are scheduled to see their business more than quadruple in the next four years. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that these companies are generally considered a good investment.

Space Technology

Scientists have spent decades trying to figure out how to make objects move at the speed of light. If things could even move at a significant fraction of lightspeed, it would dramatically cut back on how long it might take to get to other planets. This would make space travel quite possible, including the proposed mission to Proxima Centauri that’s supposed to take place about fifty years from now.

Space-related products such as rockets are currently hot investment commodities, with rich investors like Elon Musk (Tesla) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) buying in.

Renewable Energy

Natural energy resources are finite, but humanity has been in the process of using them up for centuries. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that we’re currently searching for alternative solutions. Renewable or green energy seems to be the wave of the future. Therefore, it seems to make sense to invest in companies that produce electricity using renewable resources and ones that manufacture products like solar panels that we’ll need to keep the lights on.

Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence is currently in the robot vacuum stage, businesses in the industry are quickly moving onto other products such as self-driving cars. Production companies believe that one day robots equipped with artificial intelligence can even take over some of the more mundane or dangerous jobs that are currently available. This technology also has applications in the medical field.

However, investors should be cautious about which businesses they choose to support. Although Tesla is a leader in this market, their stock prices have remained mostly level throughout their history and they haven’t had very many profitable quarters. Therefore, putting your money in this company probably isn’t a risk that you want to take. But perhaps the only real downside to artificial intelligence is that we’ve all seen one too many movies about robots that decide to take over the world.

Good luck!


Image Credit: nattanan23 via Pixabay.

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