There has been numerous changes to presidential salaries in the USA to date. Here are a few
Here is a list of presidential salaries from George Washington to present day Trum

It’s no doubt that many people want to know the presidential salaries of US presidents since that’s the most powerful position in the world. Yes, those guys live a luxurious life. With this article, you’ll know how much the former presidents of the US received, and the amount Donald Trump pockets.

Every job calls for a salary. Since the presidency is like any other job, every president receives a certain amount for his service. Through the years, from George Washington to Donald Trump, the presidential salaries have changed.

The president does not determine the salary of this world’s most potent office. It’s the Congress, and the lawmakers do it. Since 1789, when George Washington reigned until Donald Trump’s reign, there has been a five-times salary increase.

President George W.Bush marked the start of the new salary increase from 2001 up to date after Congress increased the pay to $400,000 per annum. President Bill Clinton, Trumps’ predecessor, received $200,000; half the current presidential salary in a year.

The US constitution doesn’t allow presidents to dictate the raise of their salaries. It states that the president is entitled to the set amount for his service for the period he shall be in the office.

Surprisingly, even the president is not allowed to decline a salary. Here is a good example. George Washington was a wealthy landowner who wanted to offer the service for free. He tried to refuse, but he never succeeded because the Constitution required it. He had no option but to accept it.

Also, President Donald Trump decided not to take any salary, but since the legal framework requires it, He had to accept it. He now receives quarterly payback to his different government agencies.

That said, let’s now look at the presidential salaries over the years, starting from George Washington to Donald Trump.

$25,000 per annum; 1789-1872

George Washington is first on this list of presidential salaries
Presidential salaries have increased over the years

President George Washington

The first US president was entitled a salary of $25,000. Based on inflation, this amount equals $729,429 per year in 2020.

The presidents who earned $25,000 include:

  1. George Washington
  2. John Adams
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. James Madison
  5. James Monroe
  6. John Quincy Adams
  7. Andrew Jackson
  8. Martin Van Buren
  9. William Henry Harrison
  10. John Tyler
  11. James Polk
  12. Zachary Taylor
  13. Millard Fillmore
  14. Franklin Pierce
  15. James Buchanan
  16. Abraham Lincoln
  17. Andrew Johnson
  18. Ulysses S. Grant

$50,000 Per Annum; 1873-1908

President Ulysses S. Grant

In 1873, when President Ulysses S. Grant started his second term in office, the presidential salaries were increased twice more than his last salary in his first term. President Theodore Roosevelt was the last president to be paid such an amount in 1908. Today, $50,000 in 1873 would be worth $1.07 million.

Those presidents that received $50,000 are as follows:

  1. Ulysses S. Grant
  2. Rutherford B. Hayes
  3. James Garfield
  4. Chester Arthur
  5. Grover Cleveland
  6. Benjamin Harrison
  7. Grover Cleveland
  8. William McKinley
  9. Theodore Roosevelt

$75,000 per Annum: 1909-1948

President Harry S. Truman

Over this period, the US presidents earned a salary of $75,000. William Howard Taft marked the beginning of this new presidential salary from 1909, while Harry S. Truman marked the end of that salary increase in 1948. Today, based on the inflation calculator, $75,000 salary in 1909 would be worth $2.1 million.

The presidents who reigned during this salary include:

  1. William H. Taft
  2. Woodrow Wilson
  3. Warren G. Harding
  4. Calvin Coolidge
  5. Herbert Hoover
  6. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  7. Harry S. Truman

$100,000 per annum: 1949-1968

President John F. Kennedy

The new presidential salary increase began with Harry S. Truman during his second term. Yes, He closed the chapter of $75,000 pay and opened another new chapter of one and a half salary increase. He was the first to test $100,000 in the presidential office.

This salary took effect until 1968 when Lyndon Johnson was the president. Today, the $100,000 pay would be worth $1.08 million.

This salary was paid to the following presidents:

  1. Harry S. Truman
  2. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  3. John F. Kennedy
  4. Lyndon B. Johnson

$200,000 per annum: 1969-2000

President Richard Nixon

The Congress and the lawmakers doubled the presidential salaries. Richard Nixon began his reign (from January 1969) with the new salary. He was the first US president to be paid $200,000 for serving in the office of the president in the White House. The new salary was valid up to 2000. In 1969, $200,000 would be equal to $1.4 million today.

Below is the list of the presidents earning $200,000.

  1. Richard Nixon
  2. Gerald R. Ford
  3. Jimmy Carter
  4. Ronald Reagan
  5. George H. W. Bush
  6. Bill Clinton

$400,000 per annum- 2000-Todate

President Donald Trump

George W. Bush started service in the presidential office in January 2001. He was the first US president to enjoy the $400,000 pay rate. And that’s the rate the current president, Donald Trump, receives.

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Far away from the salary, the current president receives:

  • nontaxable travel account amounting to $100,000
  • $50,000 for expenses
  • Entertainment allowance of $19,000

The three below received this presidential salaries:

  1. George W. Bush
  2. Barack Obama
  3. Donald Trump

Over the last 230 years, Congress has increased the Presidential Salary fives times since the first president, George Washington, took office. It’s worth noting that the mentioned salaries comprise of only the official payment, without factoring in outside income sources.

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