A step-by-step guide on how to fill out a checkbook
Guide on how to fill out a checkbook

Your essay when applying to the college can make or break your chances. The essay plays a crucial role in the decision on whether to admit you or not. It remains the centerpiece of the application and it is also the part where you are likely to spend the most time. The essay is a chance for you to share who you are now and what you can bring to the college. The essay will show who you are, what you can contribute to the college, and how well you can write. Here are the 10 Reddit topics that will help you when you apply to a college.

Personal finance

One of the most preferred and popular topics when applying to college is personal finance. There are several aspects that are a part of personal finance and sharing your story about going debt-free or going from debt to savings will give bonus points. You can talk about a credit card debt that you had and how you repaid it before time. If not, you can talk about the importance of personal finance and how it has an impact on your life. Depending on the college and course you are applying for, you can get into the details of the topic.

Social skills

A lot of applicants are not aware of the fact that social skills play a crucial role in your life. When you write about it in your essay, you are showing the skills you have and how it could help you in the future. Social skills can also help with college communities and you can write about how you use your skills to help others. 

Reddit college application essay


If you have had an experience of an internship in the past, you can showcase the same in your college application essay. Go into complete details on how you landed the internship, why you choose to apply for it, and how it helped you with your career decisions. This is one topic that can work positively for you. You can share your personal experience and show the admission committee that you are a hardworking and passionate individual. 

Find a path

This is a common topic on reddit applying to college and a lot of applicants choose to work on it. None of us are exactly where we want to be in the journey of life, but the purpose is to keep going. So wherever you are, you can talk about finding your path and how you intend to reach the goals. Our ultimate purpose is to live life to the fullest and on our journey, we will find the right path. 

Why this college

You will come across this question frequently and you will have to answer it in a logical manner. The admission committee would want to know why you have chosen their college and you need to provide them with the right information. Talk about your passion and why you want to pursue the course only from this college.

Mental health

There is increasing awareness about mental health across the community as more people are coming out and talking about their issues. A mental health topic is a strong choice for many. In your college application, you can talk about the importance of mental health and how you can generate awareness about it. If you have faced a mental health issue in the past, you can discuss it. You can also talk about how people react to the issue and how it needs to be taken seriously.


A recent popular topic, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the world. Businesses have suffered losses, professionals have lost jobs and health workers are exhausted. As a popular college essay topic, you can talk about the global impact of covid 19 on the world and how the future will be impacted by it. 

Social media

Social media channels have become an integral part of our lives. Whether it is making a buying decision or choosing someone to date, everything is on social media. You can talk about your personal experiences or about how you use social media to make decisions in your life. Social media is here to stay and it is all about how you embrace it. If you are applying for a marketing course, you need to ace this essay.

Life-changing events/ people

As cliche as it may sound, this is a popular reddit applying to college. You can talk about an event or a person who had a tremendous impact on your life. Talk about how they made a difference in your life and why do you think it is a life-changing event. When writing about a personal event, be as honest as you can.

Why this course

You might be asked the reason behind choosing this particular course. Whether you have studied it earlier or are keen on pursuing it for the coming years, you need to provide a reason for the same. Even if you do not work on this for your essay, you might have to answer it during the Interview round.

When you choose the right topic, it can become much easier to proceed with the application. 

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