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SEO Companies have emerged as great saviors for most business firms in the field of digital marketing. People just like you look out for best SEO services but do you know how they serve you? Well, a simple answer to this question is they keep themselves updated with the latest SEO trends.

SEO companies have incorporated the most recent trends so that we can get the best advice and services from them. For the clients or us, the SEO firms ensure that we get the best of creative and unique web services. They keep their clients posted with the trending SEO techniques and procedures.

Current trends to follow for good SEO practices

The basic of SEO services remains unchanged, but a lot of updates and a little bit of polishing is required to keep the digital marketing industry spiced up. With people being super-active socially, SEO services need to speed up to match the increasing demands.

You can have an excellent website filled with creative contents, but still, it requires an SEO guide and services. It is the support to the website for ranking higher in the SERP’s. As we have stepped into 2019 and almost at the end of this financial year, let’s take a look back at the SEO trends in FY 2018-2019. Here is a list of patterns:

1. Featured Results equal to more Features

Being introduced in the year 2017, featured snippets have gained a lot of popularity over various search engines. Research on pieces shows that around 35% of search results are packed with featured bits. Initially, there was only one form that would show up with search results but in 2018 multiple versions rolled out.

They included brand features, featured snippets, featured images and list of bullet points. With the rise of featured fragments, coding the website became famous for functioning high in SERP. If you take a closer look, most sites with featured bits are found among the top 5 search results.

2. YMYL and EAT Update

The YMYL stands for Your Money Your Life and EAT update. These updates were rolled out by Google to protect its users. Websites focusing on YMYL were affected the most due to investment scams and health scams.

Through this update, Google wanted to ensure that the sites featuring such services are genuine or not. Do the services have any negative impact? Are they charging money for essential services or is it a scam? As a result, the outcome shook the digital market.

3. Major Shake-Ups

By the end of the second quarter of the financial year 2018-2019, search engine ranking of various websites was turned upside down. Even though Google confirmed it was an algorithm check and not a significant change, but the results of this move affect multiple sites.

The YMYL update turned out to be a core update with traffic movement noted up to 30%. This was when SEO firms had to do most of the working for their clients. Many business organizations were confused with the entire scenario. Yeah! Local is one such amazing SEO Company.

4. Quality Long Content

A new trend was set with excellent quality content. SEO companies provided quality content which broke the typical format of 500 or 1000 word page. Articles were written which consisted of word limits beyond 1000 words.

This change turned out to be fruitful for multiple websites. It was one key factor for drawing traffic more than usual. The new theme was writing original, quality, long built excellent articles. Instead of writing three columns a week, one piece was enough to draw massive traffic to any website.

5. Disavows help in Ranking

It is a common problem for a lot of websites when the traffic drops. SEO companies found a new technique to tackle this issue. With the help of disavowing links loss of traffic can be solved. This strategy of disclaiming a file will get a result of 100% of traffic within a couple of weeks.

Disavow a set of links and submit them back again after a week or two, this helps to get an idea about the traffic. Next, you will be a bit sure about disavowing the next set and plan accordingly. Disowning is a technique excelled by SEO experts, better let them handle it.

6. Nailed by Poor Content

Content is an essential factor in digital marketing. SEO firms give particular emphasis on content. Now that when great built content is trending, you need to upgrade your content. Google is also providing a better feature to websites with long made content while poor and short content is out of the league.

7. Unsecured over Google Chrome

To protect the personal data and information of visitors, Google passed orders to websites for using secured connections. As of 2018, Google emphasized on those websites which provide a secure connection, and they were ranked higher on the SERP. It happened to be a considerable search algorithm for Google.

A secured site served over HTTPS boosted websites to rank higher than unsecured sites. Since October 2017, Google started showing pop-ups of warning in their browser for unsecured websites. SEO firms effectively moved their clients to HTTPS which resulted in an increase of traffic on their sites by 40%.

8. Mobile First Update

With the innovations drawing through smart phones, a considerable amount of traffic comes from mobile devices. The year 2018 was a great year of trends for SEO, throughout the year website owners were notified about the mobile first index.

With the help of the Search Console, the indexing of mobile first update was announced to website owners. Still, now some website owners are being notified about it. It is expected that the procedure will go on until the end of this financial year.

9. AdWords are Ads

The name of Ad Words was changed to Ads by Google this year. With this change, Google targets a massive range of advertising options in the digital market. For all the paid ads, an extra copy line has been provided so you can try adding some additional text to your ads.

These are some of the current SEO trends that you need to follow to be on top of your SEO strategies.


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