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Sevier county bank is the biggest example that faces ups and downs in the banking industry business. So, there are many options open for this bank where the bottleneck situation can be solved.

Merging with another financial institution of the same category is one of these solutions. Yes, we are going to talk about this process that’s happened between Sevier County Bank and SmartFinancial, Inc.

Despite offering every type of financial product and other services a bank can face hard times. Before we discuss the merging process, we need to know the actual scenario of this bank.

What Is Sevier County Bank?

To build communities through personal and business banking, Sevier County Bank was established on March 9, 1909. With 52 investors and $30000, this bank started its journey.

They open branches in places where it’s easy to offer in-person services. SCB is full of opportunities that were discovered by the local communities and consumers. Their customer service is not only best in that region but also deals with values and beliefs. This is the thing consumers wanted to experience. 

There are plenty of reasons to choose this bank for daily banking. To manage your money with ease and solve financial crises, this bank offers different types of services.

 Sevier County Bank
Picture: Sevier County Bank

Overall Status of Sevier County Bank:

Take a quick look at the current status of SCB.

FDIC InsuredYes
FDIC Certificate# 10318
Date Established1909
Assets$ 452.41 Million
Loans$ 273.01 Million
Deposits$409.79 Million
Capital$ 39.68 Million

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What Is The Popular Product of SCB?

SCB is a world that is full of different financial products that are suitable for both personal and financial banking. Here is the list of all these products.

Personal Banking

  • Personal Checking
  • Personal Mortgage
  • Personal Loans 
  • Personal Banking Additional Services
  • Insurance and Title Services
  • Investment Services

Business Banking

  • Business Checking
  • Business Loans
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans
  • Business Banking Additional Services
  • Insurance and Title Services
  • Investment Services


  • Business E-Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • E-Statement
  • Online Bill Pay


  • Personal Mortgage
  • Insurance and Title Services

What Are The Product Rates of SCB?

SCB bank has a strategy to impose a rate for their popular financial product. We make a chart based on these rates.

Savings and Money Market Rates:

Money Market0.25%$2500$2999
Money Market0.25%$10000$14999
Money Market0.30%$25000$29999

CD Rates:

6 Mo CD0.50%$10000$14999
6 Mo CD0.50%$100,000$199,999
12 Mo CD0.60%$10,000$14,999
12 Mo CD0.60%$100,000$199,999
18 Mo CD0.65%$10,000$14,999
18 Mo CD0.65%$100,000$199,999
24 Mo CD0.65%$10,000$14,999
24 Mo CD0.65%$100,000$199,999

Int. Checking Rates

Int. Ckg0.03%$1$99
Int. Ckg0.18%$2500$3499
Know more about SCB
Picture: Know more about SCB

What About SmartFiancial, Inc.?

This publicly traded bank holding company is known for the bank called SmartBank. This bank is a full-service commercial bank. It’s found in 2007 and spread its service through 35 branches.

To become the best financial institution, they have specific strategies, including recruiting the best people, offering exceptional client services, strategic branching, disciplined lending, and many more. That’s how this company became successful.

SmartFinacnical, Inc.
Picture: SmartFinacnical, Inc.

Sevier County Bank Merge With SmartFinancial, Inc:

Sevier County Bank (Parent Company of Sevier County Bank) and SmartFiancial, Inc (parent company of SmartBank) take a step to merge themselves. On April 14, 2021, both financial institutions announced to work jointly. They come to an agreement to do that.

Picture: Smart Bank
Picture: Smart Bank

SCB had assets totaling $424 million and deposited $381 million with $243 million in net loans with six branches. This merging process will boost up the market share of SmartFiancial’.

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President and CEO of SmartFInancial said that they are finally about to become a partner of a multi-generational history and are pleased to be working together with SCB.

They merged not like a financial institution, they also merged with their leadership team. Both organizations work in a common market area. Merging both organizations opens a way that is full of opportunities and resources.

SmartFinancial’s take this process as a mission. A mission for enhanced product offerings and services. The ultimate objective of this strategy is to look forward to continued growth and offer more services in new markets as well as the community.

But the shareholders of SCB will receive 0.4116 shares of the SmartFinacial Common stack. But shareholders have the option to receive cash for their share. This merging or acquisition should be completed in the early quarter of 2021. For that, they need to receive all necessary regulatory approvals.

As an executive chairman, Mr. John Presley will join the board of both SmartBank and SmartFinancial. Not only that, this process ensures increased depth of product and services.

Ultimately, this will help to understand the needs of the consumer more and value them according to the situation. Undoubtedly, it will make a great history and pride for the future.

Who Was The Advisor For This Merge?

TO complete the merging process, Alston & Bird LLP works as an organization for legal advising. But most of the work is in favor of SmartFiancial. Here is the List of the advisors.

  • Alston & Bird LLP (Legal Advisor)
  • Performance Trust Capital Partners, LLC (Financial Advisor)
  • Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC (Legal Counsel for Sevier County Bancshares, Inc)


All the data we’ve mentioned earlier about the merging process of Sevier County Bank SmartFinacial, Inc. proves that both organizations are trying their best to make everyone happy. They not only want to increase financial strength for a better future but also increase financial products and services.

If you need shelter for your financial security, then you should understand why these two financial organizations are going through the merging process.

Now they are strong, efficient, and more secure for daily banking. It’s a place where you can now explore more options to manage your money.

Our experts found that all the steps these two organizations took are certainly good for our community.

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