Established in 1889, the Somerset Trust Company Bank has its headquarters in Somerset in Pennsylvania. It is a medium-sized bank with assets amounting to $1 billion and deposits worth $904 million. For customers, one of the most important things is customer service. When a bank excels in customer service, they win the trust of their customers. Somerset Trust does not offer premium access to customer service. They do not offer live chat or all-day service options to the customers. 

It is a traditional bank and has in-person and online services with mobile apps. However, it is a reputed bank that warrants your trust and consideration. The company offers different products including checking accounts, savings accounts, IRAs, CDs, credit cards, and mortgage products. It also offers a fair savings rate. The best thing is the personal checking with zero monthly fees. Any bank that offers free checking with a high-interest rate savings account is a strong choice for earning the highest income from the deposits with easy access to funds. 

Let us take a look at some of the things that matter to customers.


Somerset Trust has a savings rate of 0.20% and is slightly low as compared to other banks. The CD has an interest rate of 0.35% for a year and 1.35% for five years. It has a high yield money market account at 0.25%. If it is the interest rate that matters most to you, you should opt for higher-earning savings accounts that are offered by other banks.


The Bank has lower fees as compared to the other banks in the U.S. There is no monthly fee for a checking account which is ideal for those seeking a stress-free and convenient banking experience. If you prefer cash over a card, the bank has an out of network ATM charge of $1 and it does not refund the charges. Additionally, Somerset Trust Company has a low overdraft fee of $35.

Somerset Trust Customer Service

Somerset Trust Customer Service is slightly complex because it is a traditional, brick-and-mortar bank. It has a total of 34 branches across Pennsylvania and it does offer web apps and mobile apps. The bank makes account access quick and convenient. If compared to other banks, Somerset Trust does not have all day customer service with service executives. However, they are available at the bank from 7 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday and from 7 am to 5 pm on the weekends. Most customers have had a moderate to a good experience with the mobile banking service. The mobile app can be used to control finances by easily viewing the monthly statements, checking the account, transferring money, and for customer service. They have a high customer satisfaction score based on the consumer complaints that were reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Overall, Somerset Trust is safe and has minimal risk of failure. It offers various deposit products including checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs which give you different ways to manage your money. The Bank does not offer the best savings rate and if you are looking for higher returns on your money, you should look elsewhere. If you consider the fees, the bank has low charges as compared to the national average. The bank has a physical branch so you might find it difficult to get access to customer service on the go. However, if you prefer to visit the bank in person for your concerns and questions, you will find helpful customer executives ready to assist you. 

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