Dorito's super bowl commercial

Every year, there is always a battlefield on your screen. Big to small brands try to compete with another with their Super Bowl commercial. Through the years, we have had winners and losers. From the many winners, there is always one successful super bowl ad that remains glued in peoples’ mind.

Doritos “Live the Flavour”is one of the most successful super bowl commercials of all time. It’s an awe-inspiring super bowl commercial released in 2007. It was made from a great innovation. Although designed with an audience perspective, the competitors could not hold their lips but to say “Yay!”. It was groundbreaking.

This super bowl commercial featured a young mandriving while enjoying his bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos.

At a distance, he notices a girl walking on the sidewalk eating Nacho Cheeses Doritos just like him. He gets preoccupied with her until he forgets that he is driving (it happens).

All of a sudden, the car gets off the way and crashes. His head gets slammed to the steering wheel, making his cheese to scatter.

Even in that scenario, the guy gets the girl attention. And because they have fallen for each other by sight, the girl rushes to rescue the guy but she slips. Her head slams in the cars door.

Even after the unfortunate experience ofslamming, they lovingly stare at one another’s eyes. Cute, right?

For almost a decade now, Doritos released that Super Bowl slot. And don’t think it was made to compete with others, but made for their people.

It was this first release that changed how people view other Super Bowl ads. In fact, it was the first super bowl ad ever created based on consumer insights. This ad was so successful in its account that it was ranked #4 winner in the best commercial of the field.

When you watch that ad, the marketing strategy looks simple but innovative on the other side.

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How Doritos Came up With the Idea

How did Doritos come about the super bowl commercial?
Doritos settled on the idea through the help of their fans

Doritos’ idea was outstanding.

It asked his fans to create their original videos and then submit them for Super Bowl slot competition.  It took them nine years to arrive at the best.

Thousands of videos were flooding from the fans who showed a big appetite to play the game. Afterwards, the videos were pulled together to vote, comment and even share their favourites.

On the other side, the other brands were opening their eyes wide to make sure they pick the celebrity of the year. Yes, they thought it’s the celebrity that will make the crowd fall for their brand. But it was in vain.

Doritos trusted only its audience (the only fan base) in creating its super bowl commercial. And do you know what happened?

The super bowl commercial became so successful that the other competitors could not believe it.

After that, Doritos have not changed their marketing strategy except making only slight changes in the past few years. This strategy is called a crowdsourced campaign or user-generated campaign.

From then, crowdsourced campaigns became famous not only in the Super Bowl sphere but also outside it. Many businesses and companies have embraced this strategy. And surely, it works.

Doritos was the only company that ever produced a user-generated content marketing campaign that becomes so illustrious.

Assuredly, whether Doritos appeared as the best commercial of the year or not, the fact remains that it unearthed the best marketing strategy ever-fresh from the users.

The strategy was so successful that other brands were inspired.

Why Doritos’ Strategy Always win?

If you can view, the strategy looked weird at first, filled with curveballs, and humorous. However, they realized a marketing strategy that was recognizable beyond doubts. It blew people’s minds.

And for sure, every company in the market wishes to be unique in one way or another. Doritos’ strategy was “out of this world.”

If you want to know a successful brand, look for a company that knows how to play well with their consumer base.For those who miss the mark, they drown within no time.

Involving customers to play such games enabled Doritos to know how the customer views their product and how it means to them.

Finally, the brand was welcomed with a unique look from their customers. And from the strategy, they learned their customers’ needs and wants, personality, pain points and also their language.

Doubtlessly, time changes. So do customers. Use of user-generated content helps you to understand your customer base.

Yellow Tail decided to use the same strategy as Doritos. They asked their fans to create short videos for the “Taste Like Happy” commercial they had aired. After the process, Adrien Colon (their fan) won the, and the segment was included in the final video.

Guess what happened? It was successful—people who even who didn’t take wine got involved.

In short, the strategy works like a charm. The user-generated content reveals valuable insights from the customers as well as getting information on recurring trends. That’s the strategy that Doritos used and uses to land on its successful super BIWK CINNERCUAKS.

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