Taulia review

Taulia offers financial modules for small, medium, and large enterprises. It is a supply chain system with three modules that work collectively to make a convenient and effective way of transacting and collaboration with the entire supply chain network of the company. The system makes finances easier and efficient. From the point of view of the market, Taulia is a leader in terms of innovation for the entire financial supply chain. The software helped several organizations in transforming the payables procedure into a revenue generator and not being in the organization as a cost center. Taulia is also helpful in the reinvention of B2B partnerships and developing relationships with suppliers which has helped add millions to their revenue. 

Benefits of using Taulia

There are several benefits of using Taulia including the tools that help enhance the business relationship with the suppliers. The benefits are as discussed below.

  1. A strong relationship with the suppliers

The system offers the users complete control for suppliers of the business by utilizing high customization and scalability. This will allow the suppliers to receive payment offers on time so they can have cash whenever they need it. The module will also manage the payment terms for all suppliers to help them improve the state of working capital in the business, ultimately, strengthening the relationship between the customer and the supplier.

2.   Convenient onboarding procedure

Taulia has a supplier enabling platform that simplifies and automates the process of onboarding. It has an impact on the entire operations ranging from the verification of the suppliers to the onboarding and managing the supplier training. It allows the users to simplify and manage the handling of their supplier information which makes collaboration easy and convenient. Since all the forms of online data and transactions are addressed, the collaboration with suppliers will improve. 

3.    e-Invoicing

With the e-invoicing feature, the suppliers have several forms of submitting electronic invoices through an integrated platform. No matter the supplier’s requirements, this applies to all and they will save time and money along the way. The feature will help with the working capital of the business and will transform the invoice into revenue opportunities. 

Technical specifications of Taulia

Taulia supports desktop and web-based devices. It is suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises and works well on the phone and desktop. It has a 24*7 customer support and Cloud deployment. 


There is no free trial of the software and if you want to use it for your business, you need to contact the sales team at Taulia who will help you with the pricing and the initial setup.

Bottom line

Taulia is a very useful software for medium-sized enterprises. It harnesses technology to allow businesses to maximize the benefits of supply chain finance. Hence, as a business owner, you can get full visibility over the progress in meeting the working capital needs and track the impact of the program on the supplier’s business. 

Buyers also gain most from the programs if they manage to onboard all the suppliers. Since small companies have limited access to funding, they gain from accessing the supply chain finance. Their approach is to offer support in offering supply chain finance to all suppliers. 

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