It is hard to imagine life without the Internet. All of us have been hooked to the net for literally everything. Whether it is for business purposes or personal use, the internet is everywhere. It is an answer for everything. Right from searching for restaurants to applying for a business loan, everything happens on the internet. Most of us are not aware of how the internet was discovered and how it became an essential part of our lives. Here are 9 amazing things about the internet you did not know about.

Web and Internet are two different things.
Web and Internet are two different things.

1. It has permissionless innovation

The most unique thing about the internet is that it makes permissionless innovation possible. This was made possible by two decisions taken by the creators- one, that there will be no control or ownership, and second, that the network will not be optimized for a specific application.

This means all it will do is take in a data packet from one end and deliver it to the destination on the other hand. It was completely agnostic about the contents in the packets.

Anyone who had an idea for an application that could be created using the data packets, then the network would do it without asking any questions. It lowered the bar for innovation and led to an explosion in creativity.

The creators built a global machine for surprises and the first surprise came from Tim Berners Lee who wrote software and designed protocols that needed to implement an idea.

Later, he launched it on the Cern internet server without having to seek anyone’s permission. 

2. The internet is not the web

A lot of people often confuse the two. Google is not the internet, Yahoo is not the internet, nor Facebook is the internet. Net is basically as analogous to the tracks of a railway system and applications like Skype, web, and streaming media is traffic that runs on the infrastructure.

You need to understand that the web is important but it is only one thing that runs on the net. It is a small part of the Internet. 

3. Internet is a memory prosthesis 

Most of us do not try to remember or recall things because there is Google. A lot of us read less, comprehend less, and remember less because we have become dependent on the Internet. It has become a memory prosthesis for the entire world and will continue to do so. 

4.  Nobody owns internet

When it comes to the internet, it is important to understand that the network is free and open. It is an open-source software. No individual or organization owns it.

However, on this free foundation, several organizations have been built and made a fortune. If the inventor of the internet had seen it as an opportunity to make money, he would have been as rich. But he did not.

He gave the internet to the world as a free resource and it became a platform for innovation. This is where Google, Facebook, and Twitter were launched and they made a fortune. 

5.  Internet is not static

What we use today is very different from the one that was used two decades ago. The internet has been evolving at a fast pace. Web 1.0 was static, read-only web which existed until the 1990s.

Web 2.0 is the new version, it is the web of blogging. There are outlines of Web 3.0 that are slowly appearing and it is only the beginning.

There will be applications that can read, understand, and analyze the data that is now published on websites. After that there will be Web 4.0 and so on. Internet is not static and it was never meant to be so. 

6.  Internet is dominated by corporations

Internet is free and anybody can launch a website but the top 100 websites are run and managed by corporations. It is completely dominated by the biggest corporations in the world. Web dominance does give unregulated and awesome powers to the companies.

7.  The internet has made smart homes

A lot of people are driven towards the smart home trend and they use devices to control their homes. However, not many are aware of the fact that some of the strangest devices can be connected with the Internet. These include cutlery, tails, water bottle, umbrellas, shirts, and walking sticks. 

8. More than 250 billion emails are sent daily

A surprising fact about the internet is that more than 250 billion emails are sent daily and out of which 200 billion emails are spam emails. This means 81% of the total emails are spam. The first spam email was sent in 1978 and it was an advertisement. It had 600 recipients. 

9.  The first website is still active

The first-ever website built was and it is active. It is an HTML site and only has a few lines of text.

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