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Only a few banks are there like Waukesha State Bank that always serves personalized and community banking services for everyone. They love community involvement that influences them to innovate and introduce more and more financial products.

Not every bank is perfect for offering every type of service but this bank proves this theory wrong. In every aspect, we found all the products and services of this bank fit with our desire easily.

As one of the largest but locally owned independent banks, this one knows how to deal with clients and offer the best services to become an example of a successful financial institution. You’ll find more details about this bank below.

Picture: Waukesha State Bank
Picture: Waukesha State Bank

What Is Waukesha State Bank?

As a medium-size bank, the Waukesha State bank started its banking journey in 1944. Today, they have assets totaling $995 million and deposits $828 million. That means they are progressing very fast in this sector.

At first, Waukesha, Wisconsin was their region to offer banking services. But now, they’ve more branches and more services to offer all over the country. It only happened because of technological advancement.

Yes, they have mobile apps and web services, where anyone can get all the information about the financial product and services from this bank. Not only that, it’s also easy to reach them to get customer services in minimum time.

This bank is specialized in four types of services like savings accounts, Certificates of Deposits (CDs), Money Market Account, and Checking accounts. So, this is your bank for daily banking.

Learn More about Waukesha State from their website
Picture: Learn More about Waukesha State from their website

Financial Structure of Waukesha State Bank In 2021:

A bank just cannot offer better services unless it has a strong financial structure. For this bank, you can check its current financial structure below.

FDIC InsuredYes
FDIC Certificate# 16160
Date Established1944
Assets$ 1324.34 Million
Loans$ 863 Million
Deposits$ 1102.66 Million
Capital$ 141.49 Million

What Types of Product and Services Does Waukesha State Bank Have?

This locally-owned bank has a great financial product line. We made a list of their current product and here it is.

Personal Banking


  • Personal Checking Accounts
  • Student Checking
  • Debit & ATM Cards
  • Lost Card
  • Check Re-Order

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  • Savings Accounts
  • Friendly’s Club for Kids
  • CDs
  • IRAs
  • HSAs


  • Personal Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Loan Rates


  • Online & Mobile Services
  • Online Account Services
  • Pay Your Loan
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Security Resources
  • ITIN Registration Services

Business Banking


  • Business Checking Accounts


  • Savings
  • CDs


  • Loans & Credit
  • SBA Loans
  • Small Business Online Loan Application


  • Treasury Management
  • Business Solutions
  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Payroll Services
  •  Pay Your Loan

To ensure better services based on the product, this bank also has a different team to work with. These teams are fit for specific sectors like personal and business banking.

  • Rattail Banking Team
  • Mortgage Banking Team
  • Spanish Speaking Team
  • Commercial Banking team
Picture: Manage your account easily

What Are Their Product Rates In 2021?

Based on the banking regulations, the rate for financial products and services changes all the time. But this time, we’re able to pick the latest rate of the popular financial product of this bank.

Savings and Money Market Rates:

Money Market0.02%$2,500$2,999
Money Market0.02%$10,000$14,999
Money Market0.04%$25,000$29,999

CD Rates:

6 Mo CD0.10%$10,000$14,999
6 Mo CD0.10%$100,000$199,999
12 Mo CD0.15%$10,000$14,999
12 Mo CD0.15%$100,000$199,999
18 Mo CD0.15%$10,000$14,999
18 Mo CD0.15%$100,000$199,999
24 Mo CD0.30%$10,000$14,999
24 Mo CD0.30%$100,000$199,999
30 Mo CD0.30%$10,000$14,999
30 Mo CD0.30%$100,000$199,999
36 Mo CD0.40%$10,000$14,999
36 Mo CD0.40%$100,000$199,999
48 Mo CD0.40%$10,000$14,999
48 Mo CD0.40%$100,000$199,999
60 Mo CD0.50%$10,000$14,999
60 Mo CD0.50%$100,000$199,999

Fixed IRA Rates:     

Fixed IRA0.15%$1$999

Int. Checking Rates:

Int Ckg0.02%$2,500$3,499

Comparison of Rates:

Without comparing the rate with other banks and services, it’s not possible to justify how good or bad all the products of this bank are. Here is the comparison chart of the most popular product of this bank.

Notable RatesAPYVs. Others
1 Year CD0.15%0.70%
2 Year CD0.30%0.75%
5 Year CD0.50%1.15%
30 Year Mortgage3.59%2.72%
15 Year Mortgage3.19%2.36%
National Average vs. Waukesha State
Picture: National Average vs. Waukesha State

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If you want lower fees for the financial product that you want to enjoy, then this bank could be your ultimate choice. For many and different types of products, this bank charges less than the national average.

They don’t charge any kind of monthly fees at all. This facility is best if you want to do your daily banking with this bank. But for using the ATM, you need to pay $2. Don’t worry, this charge is fair enough to the national average.

The good news is, after imposing some conditions, the charges for using an ATM are refundable. That means this bank is very convenient on this side.

What about the Service Quality?

In the USA this bank has 19 physical branches that are always active to serve their community with financial products and services. Their mobile and web application is offering a simple but better banking experience. Now it’s easy to communicate with the representative of the customer service and manage the account as well.

Mobile app is available in Play Store
Picture: Mobile app is available in Play Store


With outstanding customer satisfaction, Waukesha State Bank justified its name for banking services. They offer every type of control of the account to their customer. They can understand what types of services a client wants from them.

So, they design their product line in such a way where the rate, charges, and getting customer service became easier than everything. They have one motto to become an example of a successful financial institution and that is to support customers as they want.

This bank is comparatively better in every aspect. After going through this review, you can say why this bank is better in the banking industry.

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