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Lady Gaga is immensely talented and immensely wealthy. Lady Gaga’s net worth is $320 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has come a long way from playing in New York dive bars to stardom as Lady Gaga. Since the success of her Oscar-winning movie, A Star is Born in 2018, Gaga has earned millions. Gaga has accumulated wealth through a number of lucrative deals.

Lady Gaga earns millions from acting

Lady Gaga starred in A Star is Born, which grossed over $400 million. Gaga reportedly made between $5-10 million for her starring role. Gaga is no stranger to acting. She possibly made between $75,000-$150,000 for her Golden Globe-winning performance in American Horror Story: Hotel.

Lady Gaga’s net worth grows from multimillion-dollar Vegas show contract

Lady Gaga signed a deal that could total $100 million for a Las Vegas residency. She reportedly makes $1 million per show. Gaga’s show will run until the end of the year. She will perform two totally different shows. One show, “Enigma”, is “a brand-new odyssey of her pop hits built as an experience unlike any other.” Gaga will also perform “Jazz and Piano”, “stripped-down versions of her hits as well as music from the Great American Songbook.”

Lady Gaga net worth picture

Gaga touted the Vegas residency and “Mother Monster” encouraged her fans, or “little monsters”, to see the show.

“I can’t wait to share ‘Enigma’ with all of my fans and with Las Vegas,” said Gaga. “We’re creating a show, unlike anything I’ve done before. It will be a celebration of all that is unique and different within us. The challenges of bravery can be overcome with creativity and courage that is grown out of adversity, love, and music.”

The tour may easily earn more than previous Vegas residencies from Celine Dion and Elton John with her multimillion-dollar deal.

Even before the Vegas residency, Gaga’s tours have grossed upwards of $300 million over the past 10 years. Gaga probably learned from her past mistakes. When she first started touring, she ended up in $3 million worth of debt.

She told Financial Times, “I remember I called everybody and said, ‘Why is everyone saying I have no money? This is ridiculous I have five number-one singles.’” Apparently, Gaga’s elaborate costumes were eating into her profits.

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Makeup line helps Lady Gaga build wealth

Lady Gaga is also building her wealth with her makeup line. Her Haus Laboratories company was two years in the making. Through the successful launch, last year for Amazon’s Prime Day, Gaga’s makeup was immediately a best-seller on Amazon. Gaga noted that she was hands-on with her makeup line and always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

“To make my mom proud, I built this company from the ground up, as an entrepreneur. We got an investor and we put everything together. This is a 15-employee company. I made tons and tons of boards that had all of our imagery, all of our makeup, all of our product shots, all of our model shots.

I actually presented it to my mom. I brought her into a room filled with boards and I said, ‘Mommy, I’ve been working on something and I want to show it to you.’ She got all choked up and it was a really special moment.”

lady gaga net worth picture

Endorsements add to Lady Gaga’s net worth

Before Gaga started her makeup line, she was a spokesperson for MAC’s Viva Glam makeup. Lady Gaga makes millions from endorsement deals, reportedly worth between $5-10 million. She explained why she partnered with MAC to raise funds for AIDS research.

“We want women to feel strong and feel strong enough that they can remember to protect themselves. To have this lipstick as a reminder in your purse, that when your man is laying naked in bed, you go into the bathroom, you put your lipstick on, and you bring a condom out with you…There are no exceptions,” said Gaga.

She does ads for Barnes and Noble, Versace, Bud Light, Google, and Apple. In her latest endorsement, Gaga shot the video for her newest song, ” Stupid Love” on the iPhone 11. Though she has many endorsements, she also makes time to get back to her musical roots. She completed a Bud Light dive bar tour to return to the small clubs where she got her start.

Lady Gaga’s Malibu mansion makes Mother Monster wealthy

Gaga’s wealth extends to her lavish $23 million Malibu home. The 10,000 square foot home has a movie theatre, bowling alley, and wine cellar. Her self-described “gypsy palace” also has a stable and two grazing pastures for her beloved horses.

Even though she has a mansion, Gaga still uses coupons and gives millions to charity. Gaga still stays grounded despite her massive success. The success of A Star is Born is guaranteed to increase Lady Gaga’s net worth.

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