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Investing Reddit or online is always risky. Most of the time people love to pick tips from online platforms and for the investment Reddit is people’s choice by default. But is it a wise decision to follow Reddit for investment tips?

In my opinion, you might need to think twice about that. Hold on! Our expert figured out a few reasons and history about it. As you know, it’s hard to justify which platform gives authentic suggestions about investment and which one is not.

Reddit, the social news aggregation and discussion website are full of such tips for stock investment as well as personal finance. So, be careful what you are picking from Reddit. 

What Is Reddit?

In general, Reddit is a website where people can share and discuss their thoughts. You’ll find links, videos, images, text posts, and many more that are uploaded by its only registered member.

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There are communities created based on the subjects. For the investment Reddit got the attention of people. Yes, there are a variety of topics to discuss. From news to pets, everything is available on this platform.

Among these subjects, finance draws attention, especially given tips. At the time of investing Reddit gives a guideline through their discussion.

investing reddit
Picture: Reddit

Why Are We Talking About Investing Reddit?

We know why Reddit is better for discussion on specific topics. But not this time. Some topics, especially those related to finance and investment are questionable.

Investment tips are getting out of hand. I’m not saying that. Professionals and the county’s top investment advisors say that. That means, there is something that we shouldn’t follow from Reddit.

Do you know Ric Edelman? He is one of the top investment advisors in the USA and said that he’s ‘very concerned. ‘Not every time buying stocks based on fundamental characteristics is a good decision. Such types of investment are taking a backseat.

But there are lots of influencers who are directly influencing retail investors. Such investors invest in stocks at the highs with limited knowledge.

Advisors also said that this is one kind of manipulation of a missive market. Without knowledge, investing is a suicidal decision. It’s true because they don’t know what they’re doing.

At the end of the day, this investment is going to end very badly. A wrong decision is really hurting for this kind of investment.

investing reddit
Picture: Don’t take the wrong decision

The Internet is full of misleading information. It’s hard to justify all the news. But when it’s related to your investment or money, then you shouldn’t take advice from an unknown person on the internet.

Same thing you will find on Reddit. It has a personal finance channel. Yes, you heard right. Few people who are anonymous talk about it like exchange tips. These tips are related to investing in a stock or buying homes, choosing insurance plans, and other money situations. I hope you already understood what we are talking about.

Stop listening from Reddit for financial advice
Picture: Stop listening from Reddit for financial advice

But few financial advisors who browse this channel regularly warn people to avoid taking such tips. One of these advisors said that “it’s like crowdsourcing financial advice”. Most of the time such advice doesn’t fulfill the mark for reliability.

It’s like an old-school online forum. It’s questionable because anyone can sign up for free on Reddit. They can give an anonymous username that makes an obstacle to verify the account or the person.

They manipulate topics, tips, tricks using upvotes, downvotes, or replying to specific topics. Not only that, there are subreddits. Do you know them? It’s a community organized by members.

The most astonishing fact is, personal finances have almost 14.6 million members. Can you imagine? So, it’s easy to get more tips about investment on Reddit.

How Reddit Can Influence?

Money is the most sensitive topic to discuss in an open online platform like Reddit. Still, many people feel uncomfortable about it. It’s not only confusing to get the tips from there but also more manipulating.

People have questions and problems. They discuss it and try to make the situation normal. But not every discussion gives you positive feedback.

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Most of the time tips related to such discussion won’t be matched to your financial situation. So, it’s not a wise decision to pick such advice and apply it to your decision.

Not every investment and money-related advice is bad on Reddit, but people cannot match their situation with it. This is the main reason people need to avoid such advice from Reddit. People get attached to such tips and advice when they start to think about financial decisions.

Such a decision works as a wheel-turning situation. The advisor also said this type of idea comes as an opportunity for passive income. But it is still brainstorming.

Learning About Investment

For the advice, their personal finance channel works separately from the forum. ‘This is also an alarming sign,’ a professional financial advisor said. It is full of useful, sound guidance that helps you to learn about investing Reddit.

But it’s a ‘mixed bag’. So, it’s hard to tell which advice is going to be best for you to follow and which can be worse. That’s why avoiding such advice is a wise decision.

Financial advice can misguide you
Financial advice can misguide you
Should You Follow The Tips For The Investment?

As we told you, most of the tips and advice are unverified in a different channel of Reddit. Remember, personal finances are in fact personal. So, it doesn’t matter how good or how bad the tips are, you must rely on your own instinct.

Most of them won’t necessarily work for you because this advice is given based on different circumstances and experiences. So do your research and trust yourself all the time.

If you still need some advice about investing, then search for other sources. Then you can compare which one is almost relative to your situation.


After the discussion of investing Reddit, it seems that Reddit is not the best website to give you advice about finance and investment. There are more ways to learn about personal finances that come from verified sources.

People who look for such advice should rely on their own decision, not from a person who is anonymous. They can’t understand your situation better than you. Most importantly, don’t try to forcefully match their advice with your situation.

It will make the situation worse. You can read personal finance books rather than picking advice for Reddit. So, be careful when you’re thinking that the investment Reddit advice is better than other online platforms.

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